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Before they perform their songs live on the Eurovision stage, many artists release music videos alongside their song contest tracks. It’s an act’s first chance to make an impression and give audiences a glimpse into their artistic vision.

But one artist impressed us the most. We’re pleased to announce Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears and his “Tout l’univers” music video as the winner of wiwibloggs’ Vision Music Award 2021 for Best Music Video.

Our readers voted the “Tout l’univers” video their favourite out of 32 candidates.

Gjon’s Tears wins Best Music Video at the Vision Music Awards 2021

We asked our readers to vote for which act should win the Vision Music Award for Best Music Video. And it’s the Eurovision 2021 bronze medallist Gjon’s Tears who takes home the gold, picking up a grand total of 1,184 votes — that’s 10.81% of the total vote.

The high concept “Tout l’univers” video opens with Gjon laying injured on the asphalt beside the scene of a burning car crash. Cut together with sweeping shots of mountain peaks and bursting galaxy effects, Gjon takes the viewer on an epic journey above the skyline. Finally, the video ends with the singer rushing back to the overturned car and dragging himself out of the wreckage.

In a wiwibloggs interview, Gjon told our William about an incident on a summer holiday that inspired the music video.

While driving on the highway with a friend, Gjon’s car set fire. The fire quickly turned from a small puff of smoke to a huge flame, leaving Gjon and his friend fearing for their lives.

Luckily, both friends made it out of the scene unscathed. “It was a good reminder, okay let’s not take life easy, let’s really live it”, Gjon said.

Interestingly, the video itself could have looked very different to the final product we know and love now. Just one week before the deadline, the team lost 70% of the footage leaving them scrambling for ideas.

“We had to find a solution”, Gjon said. “It was horrible. I’m super happy though because at least, it’s not what I planned but it’s a video that could surprise. And I’m happy with it.”

From losing his footage to now winning VMA gold, the Swiss singer has come a long way. Bravo, Gjon’s Tears!

Second place in our Best Music Video poll goes to Italy’s Måneskin with their “Zitti e buoni” music video. The Eurovision 2021 champions delivered a grungy post-punk spectacle featuring the four-piece in neon-lit rooms as a camera rotates to capture their every angle. In our poll, Måneskin picked up 885 votes — that’s 8.08% of the total vote.

In third place is Ukraine’s Go_A with their “SHUM” music video. The folk-EDM band took us on a Mad Max-style journey through Pripyat. They eventually summon a group of people in the forest who strip down from their hazmat suits into rave clothes for an epic party in the ghost town. In our poll, readers cast 805 votes for Go_A — that’s 7.35% of all votes cast.

Further down the scoreboard, Norway’s TIX and Iceland’s Daði og Gagnamagnið round out the top five.

Poll results: Who should win the Vision Music Award 2021 for Best Music Video?

  1. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears “Tout l’univers” — 10.81% (1,184 votes)
  2. Italy: Måneskin “Zitti e buoni” — 8.08% (885 votes)
  3. Ukraine: Go_A “SHUM” — 7.35% (805 votes)
  4. Norway: TIX “Fallen Angel” — 5.8% (635 votes)
  5. Iceland: Daði og Gagnamagnið “10 Years” — 4.65% (509 votes)
  6. Malta: Destiny “Je Me Casse” — 4.64% (508 votes)
  7. France: Barbara Pravi “Voilà” — 4.19% (459 votes)
  8. Greece: Stefania “Last Dance” — 4.13% (452 votes)
  9. Romania: Roxen “Amnesia” — 4.08% (447 votes)
  10. San Marino: Senhit “Adrenalina” — 4.04% (442 votes)
  11. Bulgaria: VICTORIA “Growing Up Is Getting Old” — 3.53% (387 votes)
  12. Ireland: Lesley Roy “Maps” — 3.5% (383 votes)
  13. Belgium: Hooverphonic “The Wrong Place” — 3.43% (376 votes)
  14. Lithuania: The Roop “Discoteque” — 3.43% (376 votes)
  15. Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou “El Diablo” — 3.15% (345 votes)
  16. Serbia: Hurricane “Loco Loco” — 2.53% (277 votes)
  17. Germany: Jendrik “I Don’t Feel Hate” — 2.48% (272 votes)
  18. Czech Republic: Benny Cristo “Omaga” — 2.51% (257 votes)
  19. Croatia: Albina “Tick-Tock” — 2.29% (251 votes)
  20. Azerbaijan: Efendi “Mata Hari” — 2.06% (226 votes)
  21. Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy “Birth of a New Age” — 1.64% (180 votes)
  22. Spain: Blas Cantó “Voy a quedarme” — 1.32% (145 votes)
  23. Australia: Montaigne “Technicolour” — 1.22% (134 votes)
  24. Israel: Eden Alene “Set Me Free” — 1.14% (125 votes)
  25. Albania: Anxhela Peristeri “Karma” — 1.11% (122 votes)
  26. United Kingdom: James Newman “Embers” — 1.03% (113 votes)
  27. Latvia: Samanta Tina “The Moon Is Rising” — 0.9% (99 votes)
  28. Estonia: Uku Suviste “The Lucky One” — 0.69% (75 votes)
  29. Austria: Vincent Bueno “Amen” — 0.53% (58 votes)
  30. Poland: Rafal “The Ride” — 0.5% (55 votes)
  31. Georgia: Tornike Kipiani “You” — 0.31% (34 votes)
  32. North Macedonia: Vasil “Here I Stand” — 0.23% (25 votes)

Total votes: 10,641

Vision Music Awards 2021

This award is just one of 14 awards we have launched as part of the Vision Music Awards 2021 (VMAs).

Our 14 categories — from Best Dressed to Best Use of Social Media — identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not.

Click here to see the remaining categories, and stay tuned to find out the Vision Music Award winners!

Do you agree Gjon’s Tears had the best music video? Which other music videos did you love? Let us know in the comments below. 

Read more Vision Music Awards 2021 news here

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2 years ago

For me it’s definitely TIX and ,,Fallen Angel”. He told us such a touching story from the bottom of his heart. I can recognize myself so much in his story. This is the best music video I’ve ever seen.

2 years ago

Switzerland was great but Norway was the one that touched me the most

2 years ago
Reply to  finnished

As a Swiss, I have to fully agree with this comment. TIX ??

2 years ago

As much as the song grew off me, Malta’s music video was top quality and high end and deserved the win in my opinion.

2 years ago

It was truly captivating! Greece, San Marino and Belgium also had amazing music videos in my opinion…

2 years ago

belgium very underrated here

2 years ago
Reply to  Jo.

Benny Cristo as well

2 years ago

I think Ukrainian or Romania deserve this more than Switzerland tbh

2 years ago
Reply to  Fionn

Bulgaria, Italy and Belgium also had better ones…