They’re the Italian rock band who won Eurovision 2021 with “Zitti e buoni”. But now Måneskin have something more to celebrate. Their 2017 single “Beggin'” has been named as one of the hits of the 2021 summer by social media platform TikTok and music streaming site Spotify.

Måneskin’s “Beggin'” tops TikTok summer chart

Måneskin originally released “Beggin'” in 2017, as one of the songs they performed while competing on X Factor Italia. The song was a cover of the classic Northern Soul song, first recorded by the Four Seasons in 1967. Måneskin recorded their own version with their trademark attitude and performed it on week two of their X Factor experience.

Following Måneskin’s Eurovision victory, their newfound fans discovered the group’s back catalogue. “Beggin'” proved to be a popular track used in TikTok videos, with TikTok’ers from around the world soundtracking their clips with Damiano David’s distinctive growl.

TikTok has released a list of the top five songs used in video creations in the UK — with Måneskin’s “Beggin'” comfortably taking the top spot.

The group are in good company. In second place is the iconic American vocal group Destiny’s Child with their 1999 hit “Bills, Bills, Bills”, while in third place is Van McCoy’s 1975 disco classic “The Hustle”.

The top five is rounded out by two more recent releases, with UK singer Ed Sheeran’s new single “Bad Habits” in fourth. In fifth place is Vietnamese producer Hoàng Read’s track “The Magic Bomb” — best known on TikTok for accompanying the “chopping dance” and question and answer meme.

Top songs by TikTok video creations in UK – Summer 2021

  1. Måneskin – “Beggin'” (released in 2017)
  2. Destiny’s Child – “Bills, Bills, Bills” (1999)
  3. Van McCoy – “The Hustle” (1975)
  4. Ed Sheeran – “Bad Habits” (2021)
  5. Hoàng Read – “The Magic Bomb” (Extended Mix) (2021)
@wiwibloggs_officialI’m Beggin’ you: Know what you like, do what you love. That’s @therealmaneskin way 😎 ##maneskin ##maneskinofficial ##maneskinedit

♬ Beggin’ – Måneskin

Måneskin feature twice in Spotify’s Songs of Summer

Måneskin’s “Beggin'” has also featured on Spotify’s Sounds of Summer playlist. The list tracks the top 25 most popular songs on Spotify over the northern hemisphere summer of 2021.

In the top five, Måneskin can be found at No.2 with “Beggin'”. They are just behind the American popstress Olivia Rodrigo and her fierce anthem “good 4 u”.

In third place is the Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro with his laidback Spanish-language synth-pop tune “Todo de ti”. In fourth place is the American pop icon Lil Nas X and his queer anthem “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”, while at No.5 pop-rap diva Doja Cat is joined by SZA on “Kiss Me More”.

Måneskin’s album track “I Wanna Be Your Slave” also appears on the chart at No.12.

Spotify Songs of Summer 2021

  1. Olivia Rodrigo – “good 4 u”
  2. Måneskin – “Beggin'”
  3. Rauw Alejandro – “Todo de ti”
  4. Lil Nas X – “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”
  5. Doja Cat – “Kiss Me More” feat. SZA

What do you think? Do you like hearing Eurovision songs on TikTok? What other song contest hits could go viral? Tell us your thoughts below!

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Iván el Conquistador
Iván el Conquistador
2 years ago

It’s sad how an old cover is their biggest hit. Why couldn’t Zitti e buoni be bigger than Beggin? I thought k-pop’s worldwide success destroyed the language taboo.

2 years ago

“Beggin” is HUGE on TikTok! Too bad they became known because of a cover and not one of their original songs but probably they’ll sneak their way through social platforms as well