The Eurovision 2022 season is slowly beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our final weekly roundup of the year with a selection of some of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 50

Note: We’ll be featuring the new festive-themed songs from Jamala, Alexandra Rotan and others in a series of articles over the coming week.

Elena Tsagrinou – “Savvatovrada”

Elena Tsagrinou recently premiered her new single “Savvatovrada” (“Saturday night”) at MadWalk 2021. There, she performed alongside fashion designer Ioanna Touni. But the official single is a solo affair from the Greek singer. It’s a funky song that draws on retro and disco influences. Lyrically, Cyprus’s Eurovision 2021 star sings about letting loose on the weekend: “On Saturday night we go wherever you want / Let the sunrise find us on the beach / Nothing else you care about, tomorrow is Sunday / Saturday night… / Party until the morning”.

maNga – Antroposen 001

Would you believe it, it’s been seven years since maNga last released a full-length album. But now the Turkish band have finally given fans a new LP in the form of Antroposen 001 (Anthropocene 001). The Anthropocene is a proposed geological epoch for the period of time starting from when significant human impact began on Earth’s ecosystems. And the band tackle some hard-hitting topics in the album. This is particularly seen at the start of track four, “Batan Dünyanın Malları”, which uses an English intro piece referencing the death of Syrian refugee Alan Kurdi. Alan drowned just offshore of Bodrum, Turkey, after his family attempted to reach Europe in 2015 – this could also be the inspiration for the artwork of the album.

In addition to an instrumental intro and outro, there are six other tracks on the album. Musically, these showcase the Eurovision 2010 group’s alternative rock/metal style with a mixture of more full-on and slower offerings. Whilst most are sung in Turkish, maNga also serve up a song in German – “Einfach”.

Pastora Soler – “Que hablen de mi”

Pastora Soler is bringing in the festive season by holding a masquerade ball. Whilst the Spanish singer might be a queen for Eurofans, those also in attendance of the ball don’t quite agree and give Pastora some sideways looks. But the Eurovision 2012 star learns to focus on herself and a man in disguise comes to transform her into the belle of the ball. The lyrics for Pastora’s new power ballad, “Que hablen de mi” (“Talk about me”), also focus on this theme of thinking about yourself and leaving those behind who don’t let you be yourself: “I could keep loving you / Even knowing that you are not interested / But I already decided / This is my moment, my time / And I do not intend to lose / Talk about me”. Pastora talked further about this on social media:

“I share with everyone this very real story, the fear that others will sometimes make us not dare to be ourselves, the yoke of someone by your side who does not let you be you, not listening to that inner voice that always screams your truth. You are your voice, you are your life and you are your story and you always have to tell it. You!!!!!!!!”

Lordi – “Demon Supreme”

Lordi are in the middle of digitally releasing their Lordiversity series of albums – seven new albums, each with Lordi’s take on a particular genre. The Finnish band will be releasing Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular on 11 February 2022. But to give us a teaser, they’ve dropped a new single from the LP, “Demon Supreme”. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular is all about industrial metal and “Demon Supreme” certainly encapsulates that.

Michael Rice – “Did You Even Love Me”

Eurovision 2019 alum Michael Rice is dealing with heartbreak in his new single “Did You Even Love Me”. The British star sings to his ex-partner and questions whether they truly loved him considering they cheated: “I never knew that love could hurt like this / I’m lying in my bed, but it’s you that I miss / Tell me, when you were with him that night / Kissing on the dancefloor / Did you even love me at all”. An emotional pop ballad, the song gradually builds and Michael’s vocals really shine as he pours his soul into the lyrics and the music.

Luca Hänni – Herz durch die Wand

Luca Hänni’s Christmas present to us all is the new EP Herz durch die Wand (Heart through the wall). Comprising three songs, it showcases the breadth of the Swiss singer’s musical discography. The title track is a piano ballad – piano being the key part of the music video as well, with Luca spending the entirety of it behind the keys. The next two songs turn the BPM up a bit. “Girl von nebenan” (“Girl next door”) is a funky and cheeky pop track. Meanwhile, “Star” is a mid-tempo pop song with some digital vocoder backing vocals in the chorus.

Edurne – “Llegaste a mi vida”

At the start of March, Edurne welcomed her new baby daughter Yanay. Now Spain’s Eurovision 2015 representative has released a single that talks about the experience of being a mother for the first time. “Llegaste a mi vida” (“You came into my life”) is a light and breezy pop song. But the lyrics have more of an emotional pull, with Edurne singing about how she hopes to do whatever she can for Yanay: “I want you to know / That I will be what I have to be / Your favourite superhero / Your favourite singer”.

Lara Fabian – Lockdown Sessions

On 16 December 2020, Lara Fabian released the album Lockdown Sessions, only available through her website. But now, a year later, the Canadian-Belgian singer has made the LP available on digital services for everyone to enjoy. This album saw Lara experimenting from her usual repertoire. A mixture of English and French-language songs, Luxembourg’s Eurovision 1989 star brings in elements of electronica and experimental pop.

IVAN – “Love”

Ivan’s new song is ten years in the making. The Belarussian singer was inspired by events when he fell ill and he began to think of how sad it is to lose someone. He ultimately came up with the steady guitar ballad “Love”, where he sings about someone who has disappeared from his life: “Snow on the ground / But there is no trace of you / You vanished somehow / And there is nothing to do  […] I’m sorry I can’t save, love”. The Eurovision 2016 paints a picture of the events that inspired the song in a post on Instagram:

“It was the same snowy December as it is now, only 10 years ago. I fell ill, and my voice completely disappeared. I don’t remember why, but this moment overtook me all alone in a small house in Gomel. The only thing that kept me warm was the small wood-burning stove, which crackled melodiously with its logs. I only had a guitar in my hands. There is only one thought in my head: it’s always sad to lose someone. And now, now I am ready to share this song with you. Why now? Do not know. Maybe it’s just that time has come.”

Les Fatals Picards – “Le syndrome de Göteborg”

Les Fatals Picards brought their punk-rock vibe to Eurovision in 2007. Whilst they represented France, their latest song sees them heading to Sweden. The band have released “Le syndrome de Göteborg” (“Gothenburg syndrome”). It’s a lively offering with an equally lively music video.

Lucía Pérez – “Na Miña Pel”

Lucía Pérez’s new single is “Na Miña Pel” (“In My Skin”). Full of flair, the chorus particularly swells thanks to the accompanying trumpets and percussion. Spain’s Eurovision 2011 star sings in Galician , the language of the autonomous region of Galicia.

Triana Park – Domu Raksti

Triana Park have released a triptych – an interconnected piece of art divided into three sections. The Latvian band’s triptych comes in the form of the new EP Domu Raksti (Thought Articles). Naturally, the EP contains three songs, all of which come with their own music video as well.

The first is “Ārpusē” (“Outside”). It’s a chilled indie offering with more of a spoken vocal line. Frontwoman Agnese Rakovska brings up various Latvian regions in the lyrics, and notes she always finds herself in the exact place she should be: “And in the farthest places of Latvia, where seven circles of water are thrown on the banks of the Daugava, I know I am in Latgale again / And since the urban poet who leaves the city did not come alone, I am outside again / The earth brings me where I want to, and I will realise again that I am in place at the right time”.

Next up is “Skaties un mācies” (“Watch and learn”). It’s the most full-on of the three songs and has a strong rock edge to it. The music video is also much darker, and features a demon from the abyss.

Lyrically, Agnese warns us that another world catastrophe has already begun: “Feel like in the world / In which no one lies / The truth is lost […] Watch and learn, watch and learn / World War III has already begun”.

The Eurovision 2017 group round out the EP with “Pastorāle”. This final song blends their indie-rock sound with extra electronic influences. Meanwhile, the music video features a plethora of on-screen effects.

Agnese sings: “My case will only be judged by a recent court / On the day the world took over, I prayed quietly, ‘Help God'”.

Lior Narkis – “עד סוף העולם שלי”

“Something from my soul to you”. Israel’s Lior Narkis is putting all his emotions into his latest single,”עד סוף העולם שלי” (“Until the end of my world”). The Eurovision 2003 alum sings over a number of accompanying percussion and string instruments, delivering a steady ballad. Narkis sings: “Until the end of my world / Like a room in my heart you with me also a million miles / Do not reveal all the secrets once he has discovered you / When morning rises”.

Alyona Lanskaya – “Это Мой День”

Are you in need of a song for your birthday playlist? If you are, then you’re in luck, as Alyona Lanskaya has put together a single for such an occasion. Belarus’s Eurovision 2013 star has released “Это Мой День” (“This Is My Day”). It aims to provide a positive and uplifting soundtrack for your special day.

Deep Zone Project – “Katerino Mome”

Deep Zone represented Bulgaria at Eurovision 2008. The current line-up of the project have now released the single “Katerino Mome”. It’s an ethno-house track that blends traditional Bulgarian rhythms and singing with dance beats. Take a step into the clubs of Sofia whilst in the comfort of your own home.

Arash – “Asemoon”

Arash’s latest single is “Asemoon” (“Sky”). Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2009 representative brings his Iranian roots to the forefront, both in terms of the music and lyrics. A catchy pop track, Arash compares his lover and himself to the the sky and moon: “Just stay with me / Gifted my heart to you / Feel strange toward you / You are my sky, you are / And I’ll remain your moon”.

Can Bonomo – “Dağ”

Turkey’s Eurovision 2012 star Can Bonomo recently released the single “Dağ”. It’s a track about the despair of growing older and being on your last leg: “My sorrow is the ocean, my sorrow is the mountain / What is my difference from a rose on its branch / I dried up and died”. The accompanying music video features a number of people from the older generation, though they all very much look like they’ve still got plenty of energy still to give.

Franka & Sara Jo – “On”

Edit 21:30 GMT: Another song released this week that slipped through our radar, but is definitely worth checking out, comes from Franka (Croatia 2018) and Sara Jo (Serbia 2013). The two Eurovision divas unite for “On” (“Him”). Franka and Sara deliver a sultry track with flamenco-inspired percussion accompaniment. Lyrically, they discuss how they’ll choose each other over a man that might want to come between them: “Our closeness provokes him / He thinks the two of us choose, he is left behind […] You and me and him”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

I am not the biggest fan of rock, but Lordi’s song really is good. This type of rock with a flare of pop along side it will surely be something fresh on those rock festivals where everything is usually very heavy on the sound!

2 years ago

Franka (Croatia ’18) and Sara Jo (Serbia ’13) released a song called “On”. This deserves an article on its own or minimum here in the list

2 years ago

Thanks Jonathan for putting this list together every week, I highly appreciate it! The songs in this week are a bit disappointing though, maybe because it’s shortly before xmas which is usually a slower time for publishing. Even my spanish queen Pastora is just offering a standard song. My fav here is the song by Elena Tsagrinou .
Merry Christmas to everybody!