Moldova Natalia Gordienko First Rehearsal Eurovision 2021
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After a bit of silence, Moldova’s public broadcaster TRM has announced that it intends to select its Eurovision 2022 act through a national final. The selection show is currently set to be a one-night event, taking place on 5 March next spring.

TRM announced the news on its Instagram account. The Moldovan broadcaster posted that songwriters and artists could apply to the selection via a special form until 24 January 2022.

After that, a panel will check the entries prior to a live audition on 29 January. Acts are asked to perform their song live in Chișinău. The auditions will be broadcast live on Moldova 2, as was done in pre-pandemic times. 

Similar to the country’s selection in 2020, Moldova’s national selection will be decided in a one-off televised final. 

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Rules for Moldova’s Eurovision 2022 contestant

In the broadcaster’s rules and regulations, TRM underlined that at least 50% of the performers of an act have to hold Moldovan citizenship. Next to that, rules allow TRM to directly invite acts and authors to take part in the submission process and selection. 

Two other clauses are worth singling out: 

“2.14 By registering for the contest, the participants agree that if they are appointed as the representative of the Republic of Moldova at Eurovision 2022, they will sign a contract with IP Teleradio-Moldova, which will detail the editorial, artistic, financial obligations, organization and its conduct in relations with third parties, with reference to the Contest;”

“2.15 All expenses for preparation and participation in the Contest will be borne by the participant;”

The number of submissions in the Moldovan selection has ranged from twenty to forty entries in the last decade. As a clause in its regulations, TRM can opt to appoint a representative at any stage of the competition, even after the auditions. 

Who do you hope to see taking part in Moldova’s selection? Are you planning to watch the auditions? Let us know in the comments down below!

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1 year ago

why always on 5 March? just hate choosing NFs 🙁

1 year ago

I can’t remember who (Joe? BadWoolfGirl?) commented that we were just one national final away from equalling or beating the number of national finals in a year, but maybe that just happened. 26 countries, between 60 and 70 confirmed shows and maybe a little more depending on the existence of semifinals in some selections that still haven’t officialized their formats. Many busy Saturdays (and some weekdays) ahead of us.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sabrina

I believe that was me, and I think we’re there. I think we can now confirm all the countries holding a national final:

  1. Albania
  2. Australia
  3. Croatia
  4. Czech Republic (already done)
  5. Denmark
  6. Estonia (already started)
  7. Finland
  8. France
  9. Germany
  10. Iceland
  11. Ireland
  12. Israel (already started)
  13. Italy
  14. Latvia
  15. Lithuania
  16. Malta
  17. Moldova
  18. North Macedonia
  19. Norway
  20. Portugal
  21. Romania
  22. San Marino (already started, technically)
  23. Serbia
  24. Slovenia (already started)
  25. Spain
  26. Sweden
  27. Ukraine
1 year ago
Reply to  Joe

I thought Moldova would make 28. Is this actually the year with the most national finals? I really need to make a study of the proportion of national final and internal sections by year.

Last edited 1 year ago by BadWoolfGirl
1 year ago
Reply to  Joe

Is this the year with the most national finals? I really need to do that research to see which years had more national finals than internal selections and vice versa.

Yudhistira Mahasena
1 year ago

I thought they would internally select someone to represent Moldova. But I was able to think of five names that can represent Moldova:

  1. Alternosfera
  2. Mark Stam
  3. Boris Covali
  4. Andmesh Kamaleng
  5. April

The latter two are non-Moldovans, but I arbitrarily put them on my wishlist because why not.

1 year ago

I am interested in who will appear this year, especially after the country’s pro-European revolution.

1 year ago

From the clauses it seems like Moldova is saying we are going to hold a national final but if we don’t like the winning song, we will internally select a new one we like