Hélène in Paris – one of the 12 acts competing in Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez 2022 – is a free woman and an extravagant artist. Having discovered her talent for singing during the French Covid-19 lockdown, she took us into her atypical universe during our interview with her.

Hélène in Paris, or simply Hélène, was born in Morocco and grew up in Paris. After living and working all over the world as an ambassador for luxury brands and as a TV columnist (alongside the famous Katie Couric), she finally returned to Paris two years ago at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

While she thought she would be working in the world of luxury again, fate decided otherwise. She discovered a talent for singing as she sang for her friends who were depressed by the lockdown. In the end, she decided to take singing lessons and start a second career as a singer. She has been a fan of Barbara Streisand since she was a little girl, but also of Lady Gaga, and now she has set herself a new challenge: to represent France at Eurovision.

Interview: Hélène in Paris (Eurovision France 2022)

This new challenge doesn’t scare her. On the contrary, Hélène in Paris likes challenges and audacity. She intends to prove to those who do not believe in her that everything is possible at any age:

“To compete in Eurovision for a beginner of my age, what audacity! And why not? I want to prove that the impossible is possible. I am a passionate, positive, determined, hard-working woman – it is the recipe for success.”

Even if she is just starting her career as a professional singer, Hélène has acquired a significant notoriety on social networks. In March 2020, while France was in lockdown, she broke the ambient gloom by publishing her own music videos. Dressed in her most luxurious dresses and stood in her apartment, Hélène sings in front of her phone in a humorous way.

But soon, it is on a real stage that she will sing her song “Paris Mon Amour” (“Paris My Love”), a declaration of love to the French capital, as she explains:

“My song is a declaration of love to Paris! I lived away from this beautiful city for 35 years and I fell in love with Paris again like an ex-boyfriend. This is my personal story: I left it, I even cheated on it with other cities and came back. It’s really Paris my love!”

Voir cette publication sur Instagram

Une publication partagée par Helene in Paris (@heleneinparis.official)

Aware of being an outsider, the singer wants her song to be perceived as a hymn to joy and good humour:

“I am a bit of an outsider, a UFO compared to all the other candidates. My song is in the tradition of the great standards of Hollywood or Broadway. A song that gives joy and good humour!”

Among the 11 other songs competing in Eurovision France 2022, Hélène believes what sets her apart is the fact that she evokes Paris and reminds us that it is the most beautiful city in the world. Through this song, she intends to make France shine:

“I talk about Paris which is the most beautiful city in the world!!! The whole world is in love with Paris, it is a song that will make France shine internationally. My song is sunny, joyful and it’s a hymn to Paris and to France!”

Voir cette publication sur Instagram

Une publication partagée par Helene in Paris (@heleneinparis.official)

Very proud of her song, Hélène specifies that the version currently available for listening will remain identical on stage.

For the final of Eurovision France 2022, Hélène, whose favourite Eurovision victory is ABBA, wants to create an unexpected explosion of joy in the audience. If she wins, she intends to revolutionise the participation of France in Eurovision:

“It’s going to be an explosion of joy, colour and especially unexpected! A great surprise. If I represent France at Eurovision, beware, Hélène in Paris is coming … and it will be long live France and long live Paris! And let’s get ready to welcome Eurovision next year in Paris. Hélène in Paris will revolutionise everything.”

To conclude, Hélène in Paris would like to send a message to all those who have fallen in love with her song:

“I am a woman full of love, I love you already and I can’t wait to go and meet you. I hope you will vote for me, and that I will never disappoint you!”

Are you excited for Hélène in Paris to take to the Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez 2022 stage? Could a song inspired by Broadway win Eurovision? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!

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1 year ago

This song is formidable. I get that it sounds perhaps old fashioned but this could do well in a competition that I feel might be top heavy in rock music . For me the song evokes a feeling of 1950 JazzClub with some simple backdrop of Paris in the background as Helene sings . Could Be just the song to win for France . Bonne Chance Helene from Ecosse.

1 year ago

She is so inspiring – (Probably) the oldest contestant who is the latest one to discover her talent! Her song is very nice. It’s a bit old-fashioned, but I am very fond of it, and I like it more and more. I often have a soft spot for theatrical numbers. Good luck, Helene! 🙂