The Eurovision 2023 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still bringing us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 7

Albina Kelmendi – “Emri im”

Albina Kelmendi has left the revamp of her Eurovision 2023 entry in the safe hands of her family. In the meantime, she’s returned to her solo career for the new song “Emri im” (“My name”). The song was released to mark the 15th anniversary of Kosovo’s declaration of independence. The Kosovo-Albanian singer celebrates her roots in the song: “My name is Kosovo, my last name is Albania”.

Francesca Michielin – “un bosco”

Ahead of her new album arriving next week, Francesca Michielin has dropped the final pre-release single. “un bosco” (“a forest”) is primarily a piano ballad, but the chorus gains some additional production to give it extra dynamism. The story of this song began in 2012, as Italy’s Eurovision 2016 star sings: “Like in 2012, little chills / The heart ready to delude itself […] As in 2012, time to believe it / Then it doesn’t matter how it goes, how it goes”.

Sevak – “Зима”

The northern hemisphere is gradually coming towards the end of “Зима” (“Winter”). But it’s still lingering in Sevak’s thoughts for the meantime. Armenia’s Eurovision 2018 representative is particularly feeling the frosty conditions within his heart. He sings about the cold weather that has crept into his relationship: “Snowstorms have flown through the city / You said in a cold voice / I’m the one to blame for this cold […] Our souls no longer feel the flame / Our thoughts have completely forgotten the good things”.

Sanja Vučić – “Hanuma”

Sanja Vučić is contributing to the soundtrack for the latest season of Serbian TV show Južni vetar (South wind). Those watching will be able to hear her new song “Hanuma” (“Woman”). It’s a dramatic track that incorporates folk influences into the post-chorus instrumental. In the lyrics, the two-time Eurovision star sings of always standing by her partner’s side: “Only your woman / I am your bulletproof vest / Your sins washed away / It is a curse to love the holy”.

MARO – “just wanna forget you”

MARO’s latest teaser song for her upcoming album is “just wanna forget you”. Portugal’s Eurovision 2022 star is only accompanied by a couple of acoustic guitars through the entirety of the song, giving it a stripped-back feel. Lyrically, MARO is trying to move on from a relationship where her partner doesn’t always give her the attention she deserves: “Then you say the things you know i wanna hear / The things that will keep me near / You go from 100 to 1 in a day, from a perfect kiss to miles away / Don’t know what to do, just wanna forget you”.

Elena Tsagrionu & DJ Stephan – “Eleipes”

Elena Tsagrinou isn’t afriad to highlight her lover’s failures. Cyprus’s Eurovision 2021 star is picking apart their broken promises: “You told me you would fix everything / And everything stayed the same, you don’t change […] You’re testing my patience / You change me like a cheap shirt / Tell me the truth before you lose me”. Elena has joined forces with DJ Stephan for “Eleipes” (“You are missing”).

Better watch out. You’ll be “A fuego” (“Burned”) if you get on the wrong side of Blas Cantó. That’s something the Spanish singer’s ex-partner is having to deal with. In his new bop, Blas insists that, although they left him with pain in his heart, it’s him that will have the last laugh: “I try to walk where you are not / You will see that in the end / It’s not me who loses the most / You will see me disappear”. The Eurovision 2021 entrant noted more about this on Instagram:

“It’s one of those songs that is born out of the mix of past stories. You can learn from pain and toast to it, as the lyrics say.”

Eurovision 2015 alumnus Vaidas Baumila has teamed up with fellow Lithuanian singer Inga Jankauskaitė for a new song. The pair are hoping to see the colours within each other. “Tavo spalvos” (“Your colours”) is a steady duet that has a slight retro feel to the guitar accompaniment.

Albina – “27.”

For Albina, it’s currently all about the number “27”. The Croatian star’s new single takes place on the 27th of the month (so she missed a slight trick by releasing it ten days early). A mid-tempo pop offering, the Eurovision 2021 alum sings of her lust for someone who is now seperated from her: “It’s the 27th, and it’s still worth everything / What did you say when we met? / On the bench of wishes, we wanted everything right away”. The music video features a couple of dancers getting to know each other underneath some flowing sheets. 

Hanna Pakarinen – “Täydellinen myrsky”

Storm Hanna is on her way to blow you over with a driving pop rock track. Don’t let the opening seconds fool you — the drum beat soon sets in and Finland’s Eurovision 2007 representative roars off to create “Täydellinen myrsky” (“The Perfect Storm”). Speaking about the message of the lyrics, Pakarinen says she’s no longer got time to deal with timid relationships and needs to jump in full force:

“As an adult, you can’t stand any kind of warm relationship anymore, and it’s wonderful to say that out loud. It’s all or nothing, it’s got to be a perfect storm!”

Mandinga – “Kamasutra”

Mandinga got sensual for Valentine’s Day with the new single “Kamasutra”. The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text about the nature of love and how to sustain one’s love life. The Eurovision 2012 group add their Romanian and Cuban stylings onto this to give us “Kamasutra bachata style”. Clothing is optional for the activities Mandinga have planned: “The clothes are what we have left over / A face to face, hand in hand, Kamasutra / And look how he screams”. 

Anna Rossinelli – “Mother”

After spending a couple of years writing new music, Anna Rossinelli are now ready to share the fruits of their labour with us. “Mother” is a contemplative indie-pop track. Although the song does indeed begin with reference to a mother figure, Switzerland’s 2011 group also go on to talk about a brother and a father. Lead singer Anna thanks each of them for their love: “You are my home / The place I took for granted then / I go back home / Cause everything started here / Filled with love / You made it feel like home to me”.

Ester Peony – “Pe la unii, Pe la altii”

“Forgive me, my heart, because I didn’t know how to love you”. Romania’s Ester Peony has shared the new song “Pe la unii, Pe la altii” (“For some, for others”). A solid pop track, it has a foot-tapping chorus and subsequent instrumental break.

JOWST & Byron Williams Jr – “Let Me Loose”

Although they might not have qualified from their semi-final at Melodi Grand Prix 2023, that hasn’t stopped JOWST and Byron Williams Jr from producing even more music together. The pair have dropped the EP Let Me Loose, which features five songs including their MGP entry “Freaky for the Weekend”. In a post on Instagram, Norway’s Eurovision 2017 DJ JOWST noted how the experience of creating this EP has been freeing:

“This time it’s been more simple and intimate. We haven’t followed the feedback from a A&R – and we haven’t tried hard to make something people can relate to, and we haven’t tried to copy what’s cool now. But we have taken all of our influences into this one big body of work. You’ll hear references from all the past 5 millenniums.”

Gali Atari – “כשהלב הוא חופשי”

Gali Atari celebrated Valentine’s Day with the new single “כשהלב הוא חופשי” (“When the heart is free”). A cheery ditty with guitar and saxophones, it sees Israel’s Eurovision 1979 winner advising that we as individuals are the only people that can determine who our heart is destined for: “Go with whoever you want / Everyone chooses their own path / It’s totally personal / Sweeter love / When the heart is free”. The song is also in remembrance of singer and composer Yitzhak Klepter, who passed away in December 2022. A clip of Yitzhak and Gali singing the song together is included towards the end of the track.

Amandine Bourgeois – “Je Veux Rêver”

Amandine Bourgeois wrote “Je Veux Rêver” (“I Want To Dream”) a few years ago, but she’s finally been able to mix and produce it into a fully fledged single. France’s Eurovision 2013 representative delivers a captivating single with fiery Tango accompaniment in the chorus.

Aram Mp3 – “Lsir”

Aram Mp3 hopes you’ll “Lsir” (“Listen”) to his new song. Armenia’s Eurovision 2014 star keeps things relatively paired back for this latest release. Accompanied by soft melodies, it flows along gently for its duration – perfect for your easy listening music playlist.

Ilinca & Gadjo Dilo – “MAHALA”

Whilst hosting Selecția Națională 2023 last Saturday, Ilinca premiered the new song “MAHALA”. The Eurovision 2017 yodeler performs with the band Gadjo Dilo. The song blends rock-style guitars and drums with Romanian folk violins to keep listeners on their toes.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.