The Eurovision 2023 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still bringing us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 16 part 1

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller halves. You can find part 2 by clicking here.

Joker Out & Elvis Costello – “New Wave”

Slovenia’s representatives of this year, Joker Out, carry the suitcase of musical legacy in the music video of their new song, “New Wave” – a new English version of the band’s previous song “Novi Val”.  The song is a collaboration with the legendary music icon Elvis Costello, born in Liverpool. The present song highlights a collaboration based on mutual respect between music generations, constructing a bridge between generations. Music becomes a legacy that comes from the previous generations and it’s carried by the new ones. Elvis represents the original New Wave generation while Joker Out represent the new New Wave.

According to the band, the song is a “call to join the carnival of positive change in a world that is seemingly crumbling around us.” The lyrics are both in English and Slovenian. The music video was filmed long distance, with Elvis filming in America and Joker Out filming in Liverpool, which represents both, the place where Elvis was born and the city where Eurovision 2023 will take place. For sure, the song will remain a postcard in Joker Out’s career that will always remind them about the Eurovision experience. 

ELENA – “Ochelarii de soare”

The incredible Balkan Girl who represented Romania in 2009 has released a new song called “Sunglasses”, by its English title. Here we have a break-up radio song that speaks about those days when reality is painful but we still want to pretend that everything is fine, to make our emotions invisible. In her new song, Elena hides her eyes behind her sunglasses, so nobody could see her tears: “When reality hurts/ And I have bitter tears/ I put on my sunglasses.” 

Ben Cristovao & Sofian Medjmedj – “Slzy”

If we speak about sad songs, we must mention Ben Cristovao’s new song (he represented Czech Republic in 2020 and 2021) with the Czech artist Sofian Medjmedj. The English title is “Tears” and the track has strong retro influences in its sound and, obviously, a great rap part that belongs to Ben. The music video is very aesthetic yet melancholic, showing the heart’s struggles and the difficulties of being alone and unhappy. Get ready to join the boys’ pity party while playing their new track. 

Benjamin Ingrosso & Carola – “To Love Somebody”

A wonderful collaboration comes from two former Swedish representatives. Benjamin represented his country in Eurovision back in 2018. Carola represented her country three times: in 1983 (3rd place), in 1991 (when she won the contest) and in 2006 (5th place). The song they sing together is a cover of a well-known Bee Gee’s song, “To Love Somebody”. With an acoustic sound and two voices that match perfectly, this song will make you wanna fall in love. They performed this song in the first episode of the third season of Benjamin’s (a food and music TV series of Benjamin). The lyrics speak about being hopelessly in love and about wishing that the other person loves you just as much: “There’s a light/ A certain kind of light/ That never shone on me/ I want my life to be lived with you.”

Zlata Ognevich & SHUMEI – “Буревіями”

The Ukrainian icon who represented her country in 2013, Zlata Ognevich, returns with a new collaboration, this time with the Ukrainian artist SHUMEI. The English title of the song is “Storms”. Her new track is a touching ballad that speaks about feeling how a relationship falls apart. The lyrics speak about how easily it is for a love to be destroyed. A metaphor of a tango in the darkness refers to an attempt to fix everything that was broken even when there’s just darkness around: “What was built together – is destroyed./ Now we don’t know where to go next/ And we did not notice when we became strangers […] Let’s tango in the dark, like the last time!/ Take what you want, leave a memory of us.”.

The music video shows how far the distance can feel between two people, even if they are just one door apart. Yet, the music video ends with a note of hope, with him knocking on her door again. 

TIX & The Pøssy Project – “STUDIO 23”

It’s time to get the party started with TIX (Norway, 2021). His new song is for sure a party anthem that won’t let you sit still. So get up and lose yourself because this electronic track is exactly what you are looking for. The lyrics are also about having the time of your life at a party: “Everyone knows what’s going on/ When that drink goes down.” The song also has an incredible electric guitar solo that brings a pinch of rock in its composition. 

Ilse DeLange – “Confetti Shotgun”

Ilse DeLange was part of The Common Linnets with Waylon and they represented the Netherlands in 2014. Her new song is a marvelous mixture of genres: pop rock with strong retro and disco influences, creating a perfect dance track. The song comes together with a lyrics video. Get your confetti shotguns and get ready to party.

The lyrics speak about the ups and downs of love that make you go through a large palette of emotions. Sometimes love becomes something that you want to stop chasing: “San Antonio Rose playing deep in the night/ Broken record I hear, echoes coming alive/ The less you talk talk talk/ What you say say say/ Sounds amazing, so persuasive”. Yet, on the other hand love brings the fun and the colors to life: “Jump out of airplanes, I will color your sky/ Shotgun confetti, color bombs flying by/ Just like a rocket man, I dance on the moon/ Taking over, come on over.”

Monika LIU – “Kodėl Tu Čia?”

The queen of Lithuania, Monika LIU (ESC 2022) says loud and clear in her new single that she does not accept less than what she deserves, and she deserves everything. Her new song is in Lithuanian, the title can be translated as “Why are you here?”. The song is a very powerful retro ballad with strong rock influences. In the music video Monika plays various musical instruments such as drums and guitar. Her high notes, especially in the chorus of the song, are totally flawless.

The song tells the story of a man who cheated, and for sure Monika is not closing her eyes on this one. The music video shows the “romantic duel” between the two lovers. At a certain point, Monika plays a double role, imitating the man who tries to find excuses while blaming the wife for not giving him enough. At the end of the music video, she burns the past and she is ready for a new future: “I pour cold water on myself – you are standing in the doorway/ I put out a cigarette in between my fingers and ask/ Why are you here?” 

VICTORIA – “Lover’s Trial”

We all miss Bulgaria in Eurovision, so it’s time for a new release that comes from Bulgaria. VICTORIA represented her country in 2020 and 2021. Her new song “Lover’s Trial” is her first single after she signed with Warner Music Poland. The music video was filmed on the streets of Sofia together with three friends of VICTORIA, as a proof that when love falls apart, having friends who support you is a blessing. “Lover’s Trial” is written by VICTORIA, together with the American songwriter Sophie Hintze plus the Swedish songwriters and music producers Helena Larsson and Oliver Björkvall, who worked with VICTORIA on her 2021 Eurovision entry “Growing Up is Getting Old”. VICTORIA says about “Lover’s Trial”:

“I’ve recently experienced a break-up. Lover’s Trial was partially inspired by that, but it also tells a story that a lot of people can relate to. The endless cycle of disappointment and pain that we sometimes experience when the relationship with the person we love goes into the wrong direction. In my life I’ve been in a lot of those vicious cycles and with this song I want to free myself from those feelings and move forward.” 

Another country that we miss in Eurovision is Hungary. That’s why we are glad that there’s a new release from Kállay who represented his country in 2014. Raise your glass if you miss someone and enjoy this new track. The lyrics speak about feeling homesick over a person who does not love you back: “You tell me that you love me but you’re lonely/ That’s why you call me/ Even now you blocked me/ But you’re checking all my stories/ Now you’re acting like you never ever know me.” In the music video Kállay tries to heal his pain with music and alcohol. 

Azucar Moreno – “Ay Mamá”

They are the legendary Spanish duo who proudly waved the Spanish flag at Eurovision in 1990. The song is a cover of Rigoberta Bandini’s song. Rigoberta participated with this song in Benidorm Fest 2021, the same year when Azucar Moreno participated with “Postureo”. The harmony in this musical duo cannot be described in words. They proved once again how versatile their style is. The song is an ode to motherhood and breastfeeding: “Long life to the mamamamama/ I don’t know why people are so scared of our tits/ Without them, there wouldn’t be humanity nor beauty and you know it well.”

KEiiNO – “The Sun Always Shines On TV”

Get ready to dance with this incredible New Wave and Shynt-pop track. The song is a cover, the original song belongs to the well-known Norwegian band A-ha and it was released in 1985. This classic was performed by KEiiNO at this year’s London Eurovision Party. After the success of this track at the Eurovision Pre-Party, the band decided to release a studio version of the song. The song is about television and the way in which television presents life: “Touch me/ How can it be/ Believe me/ The sun always shines on T.V .”

Jana Burčeska – “Home Alone”

Living alone might be a blessing sometimes, but other times, it can be extremely challenging. Jana Burcheska (North Macedonia, 2017) speaks about intrusive thoughts in her new single, raising attention to mental health problems: “The world goes mute/ But then my head gets/ Too loud, too loud.” Her new alternative single describes perfectly the anxiety of a panic attack and the difficulty to fight with it when you are alone. A series of intrusive thoughts rush in and they are hard to be stopped: “What if somebody breaks in?/ What if they come break my chin?/ What if I’m stuck in the fire? What if I don’t survive?.” 

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

Keiino and Viktoria are my 2 favorites.

1 year ago

Generacija ljubezni upanja, novi vallll…

Nick I
Nick I
1 year ago

Joker Out are on fire. A beautiful and moving track which really shows off Bojan’s vocals. However they do at Eurovision, there’s no doubt they are moving forward as a band.

1 year ago

I’m here to support my girl VICTORIA.
Amazing song as always! I want to see her again at Eurovision!

1 year ago

I guess Warner Poland signing Victoria gives them a little bit of credit with me after Blanka. It’s more good stuff from her, even if it seems to be missing that extra gear that would take it over the top…