Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 32

TVORCHI – “I Can’t Stop”

TVORCHI have announced their fifth studio album is coming this fall. The debut single from it is “I Can’t Stop”. It’s a smooth electro-R&B number with shades of The Weeknd. Ukraine’s Eurovision 2023 duo discuss an intoxicating love that consistently knocks them off their feet: “Nothing feels right / Feels right without you / I’m sure you know I didn’t wanna hurt you / But one thing you need to know is / I can’t stop loving you”. The music video also teases another planet in a parallel reality on which this story is set — we’ll find out more about it closer to the album release.

“Kalush Orchestra is a band that can make music even when there is no electricity in the world.” Ukraine’s Eurovision 2022 champions have recorded a live version of the song “Ти мене” (“You me”). It’s a remake of “Не маринуй”, which the original rap trio Kalush released in 2019. Under the Kalush Orchestra brand, the group have added in extra percussion to provide the traditional Ukrainian folk influences they are known for.

Ochman – “Ona Widzi Nas”

Ochman has never been afraid of mixing musical genres and trying something new. There’s a dark aura to his latest single, “Ona Widzi Nas” (“She Sees Us”). Poland’s Eurovision 2022 participant blends trap beats with a melodic chorus and a rap verse.

Jessica Mauboy feat. Jason Derulo – “Give You Love”

Eurovision 2018 star Jessica Mauboy is currently finding new singing talent on season 12 of The Voice Australia, where American hitmaker Jason Derulo is also appearing as a coach. It seems the two of them created a strong partnership through the process as they’ve now collaborated on the new single “Give You Love”. The pair deliver a soulful song with backing from a gospel choir. Lyrically, Mauboy and Derulo provide comfort to their friends and say they’ll be there to support them through any troubled times: “If your heart is empty let me give you love / If your legs won’t hold you let me pick you up / If your hands are shaking and you’re barely holding onto your dreams / When you’re feeling low, let me give you love”.

“I believe I will see you again / I lie in wait tonight to sin / The way you look mesmerises me, I’m done / I’m going wild the way you beg me, take me with you”. Joci Pápai is feeling the heat of these summer days and nights. Hungary’s two-time Eurovision act serves up a tune all about his desire to get up close and personal with a certain someone. The accompanying music video features people doing this by dancing at a party, which starts during the daytime and lasts well into the night.

Elena Tsagrinou – “Sokolata Pagwto”

At just under two minutes, Elena Tsagrionu’s new track is a relatively short one. But there’s still plenty of sweetness to it, focusing specifically on the delicacy of “Sokolata Pagwto” (“Chocolate Ice Cream”). In the lyrics, Cyprus’ Eurovision 2021 star states she has a long line of people drooling over her and wanting a taste of what she can offer: “When he saw me up close / He’s having a stroke / It melts for me like it is / Chocolate ice cream”.

Following his victory at Eurovision 2015, Måns Zelmerlöw released the album Perfectly Damaged. The song that the LP was named after didn’t end up making the cut. But now, eight years later, it’s finally seeing the light of day. Måns has recorded the song in partnership with his band The Agreement. A melodic pop offering, the Swedish star sings of how our flaws are nothing to be ashamed of and they make us who we are: “Out of the dark into the madness / Be who we are, beautifully tragic / Yeah we are perfect / Perfectly damaged”.

Alicja – “Ostatni Dzień Lata”

“Ostatni Dzień Lata” (“The Last Day of Summer”) will soon be approaching and Alicja has a song ready to go for the occasion. The chilled track captures that end of summer feeling as we look back on all the things we enjoyed during the season. But Poland’s Eurovision 2020 entrant also notes that we can have that feeling anytime of the year: “If you want / You can always have / The last day of summer / Until the moments pass / Tapas and wine”. Alicja goes into more detail about the song in the audio video’s description: 

“‘Ostatni Dzień Lata’ is dedicated to moments that many of us love. Beautiful days in the bosom of nature, warm nights, a bunch of best friends – the moments created in such circumstances leave a smile on the face, but there is one day when these moments cause a stronger pressure on the heart. This day is the last day of summer, combining nostalgia and sadness that the holiday season is coming to an end, although I believe that we can cultivate carefreeness every day and that’s what I wanted to convey with this song. ‘Ostatni Dzień Lata’ is a song that reminds the listener that time well spent has neither dates nor places.”

This is the sixth act of BERMUDU DIVSTŪRIS’ new short film. It sees Latvia’s Eurovision 2011 duo (aka Musiqq)  unleash their inner wolves, with a howling motif running throughout. “Vilka Sirds” (“Wolf Heart”) is the first in the series to be primarily rap based with more of a hip-hop style.

Anna Rossinelli – “Daddy isn’t Home”

Anna Rossinelli is sharing a very personal song about her father. The mid-tempo track sees the Swiss singer discussing the moment she found out her father would no longer be part of her life: “They told me a lie / I guess they were right / I hoped I would stay unknowing […] When the day will come / Daddy isn’t home and he won’t come”. In the bridge, the Eurovision 2011 participant looks forward and notes that the heartache she currently feels will become easier to manage: “The time is passing / And my heart is missing / It’s colder than the darkest place / But I’ll get older and pain will fade”.

Mandoki Soulmates – “Devil’s Encyclopedia”

Mandoki Soulmates, led by Leslie Mandoki of Dschinghis Khan fame, are working towards their new album set for release next year. The debut single from the LP is “Devil’s Encyclopedia”. The progressive rock track tackles the increasing disunity of people in the modern world, where social media fuels disagreements and extremism: “Social media becomes the devil’s encyclopaedia / Courage is calling for people like us, against totality […] In a quest for reality […] Against brutality”. Speaking about the song in the music video’s description, Eurovision 1979 alumnus Mandoki noted:

“When I see the division and radicalization accumulating today especially through a feeding frenzy on endless crises with social media, I feel that my art must work toward a generationally just world. I want to say to the grandchildren of Woodstock: Courage is calling for people like us. [The music video] addresses humanity’s eternal questions, crying out against totalitarianism and brutality. These days, wounded hearts are calling and the dogs of war are howling, presenting those of us who want to live peacefully in a free world with a dilemma.”

Ajda Pekkan – “Aşklayalım”

Şehrazat is an acclaimed songwriter in the Turkish music industry. To pay homage to her, a number of singers have come together for the new album Şehrazat Bir Ömrün Hikayesi (Şehrazat, The Story of a Lifetime), where they are reinterpreting some of the songwriter’s past hits. The lead single of the LP comes from Turkey’s Eurovision 1980 star Ajda Pekkan. She’s recorded a cover of “Aşklayalım” (“Let’s Love”), which Şehrazat originally wrote for Meyra in 2011.

Tim Schou – “Ashes”

Tim Schou will be releasing one song a month ahead of his new upcoming EP. Each song is represented by its own colour, indicating the feelings the Danish singer was experiencing during the writing process. The first single, “Ashes”, has been given the colour orange — this signals the light at the end of the tunnel that Tim saw whilst going through the difficult period of a recent divorce from his eight-year-long partner. “Ashes” has a bare-bones production style that creates a spiritual atmosphere around the Eurovision 2011 alum’s vocals: “Wish I could flow like an ocean not afraid of letting go / But the freedom that I keep looking for / Won’t come until I’m ashes on the shore”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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lasse braun
lasse braun
3 months ago

hi there!this weak the new songs above are weaker for me,maybe kalush is the best song here? the last week was stronger. …good news also from the esc-kompakt top20 hitparade – last week “lxandra – let It be hope” goes from nothing to place #3 and yesterday it has reached in his second week the topposition with beating out strong other songs from go_a & mimicat.there is a lot of young ladies music talent in finland – 2 years ago ilta,a year later olivera (& the younghearted) and now lxandra – maybe a wiwi special soon? for me aside from… Read more »

3 months ago
Reply to  lasse braun

Lxandra’s song is good indeed, I think she and Olivera are pretty good examples of modern contemporary artists that don’t go too “Eurovision” on their music.