Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 33

Luke Black – “I’m So Happy”

We start this week’s new music roundup with a much awaited song from Luke Black, who represented Serbia in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Fans had the opportunity to hear this song live at the Eurovision pre-parties. Since then, everyone has been eagerly awaiting the release of the studio version. The song maintains Luke’s signature musical style, a blend of pop and electronic elements, with his voice perfectly embracing the track. The title carries an ironic message, as the lyrics explore the theme of a short-time fake happiness caused by antidepressants: “Took a walk and drank my meds/ Everything’s just fine/ People throwing bombs around me/ But I just smile.” Beneath its cheerful sound, the lyrics are quite dark as they speak about the struggles of mental illnesses: mood swings, feeling overwhelmed, and the desire to find happiness and peace of mind. The album cover is Luke’s own creation.

In an Instagram post announcing the upcoming single release, he emphasised his status as an independent artist and expressed heartfelt gratitude towards his fans: “Don’t be fooled by Eurovision, I’m still an independent artist trying to make sense of things and music industry, so thank you for your patience !!! i love you & once again thank you for existing !!! I’M SO HAPPY.”

Ben Cristovao – “SAFEPLACE1”

Get ready to groove to the rhythm of Ben Cristovao’s latest track, “SAFEPLACE1,” guaranteed to bring you party vibes. The music video is an amazing celebration, radiating an infectious party atmosphere. In this release, Czechia’s Eurovision 2021 star returns to his signature music style: a fusion of hip-hop, trap, and rap, encouraging all to hit the dance floor while fostering unity, inclusivity, and a sense of security, all while celebrating diversity. As he expressed on Instagram:

“It occurred to me that now, in the light of many events and changes in society, a lot of negative attitudes and reactions arose, which affected people who just want to live in peace. I wanted to let everyone know as soon as possible that they will always find understanding and love with me. thx to all dancers.”

Ronela Hajati, Emra Brah & Skerdi – “Kaj Kaj”

Ronela Hajati (Albania, 2022) presents an exciting collaboration with Emra Brah and Skerdi in her latest single, where the trio achieves a mesmerising vocal harmony. The English translation of the title is “What What?” and the song’s lyrics speak about an unfulfilled love. The instrumental of the song is rich and it has authenticity due to its traditional Albanian essence. Ronela’s vocals shine impeccably, while the music video shows her remarkable presence and unwavering confidence. Following a series of recent releases, Ronela hinted that this track might mark her final summer release. However, with autumn approaching, anticipation remains for potential upcoming tracks.

Jamala – Spotify Singles

Jamala, the Ukrainian winner of Eurovision 2016, is taking part in Spotify Singles, a series of original recordings launched by Spotify. In this series, artists have the unique opportunity to revisit and record a new version of one of their own previously released songs, as well as cover a track by an artist they admire. Jamala has made two incredible selections for this series.

The first one is “The Great Pretender,” a single she released in 2018. This song has a funky 70s vibe, making it a perfect dance track. The lyrics speak about pretending to be fine when you are not feeling that way. The line “Just wanna feel like a woman” within the lyrics adds a feminist layer, discussing the pressure to conform to others’ expectations instead of living the best version of your life the way you would like to. 

Jamala’s second song choice is a cover of Madonna’s “Frozen,” which harmonises seamlessly with her previous pick. The song’s lyrics also explore emotional detachment and the necessity of self-preservation in the face of heartbreak and pain.

In March, Jamala became the first Ukrainian ambassador for Spotify Equals, an initiative aimed to promote equality and women’s rights through music. She is also the first Ukrainian artist to be featured in Spotify Singles, an esteemed list that includes names such as Alicia Keys, Celine Dion, Miley Cyrus, and Lykke Li. Jamala expressed her gratitude for this recognition. Her aspiration is for her music to resonate particularly with Ukrainian women who have recently become global symbols of courage. On Instagram, Jamala shared her profound appreciation for Madonna’s music, which has influenced her since childhood. She expressed her gratitude for Madonna’s musical contributions to her own artistic journey.

Guy Sebastian – “I Choose Good”

Guy Sebastian, the first Australian representative at Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, presents a delightful new track that contains amazing summer pop vibes. The song comes accompanied by a lyric video, so it’s easier to sing-along. The lyrics speak about finding the right person, somebody who is always there. The lyrics reflect a newfound appreciation for his mother’s wisdom in choosing a good partner: “Thank God I got this right/ ‘Cause the moment that I/ Saw you, that’s when I knew/ Guess what (what)/ Mama I chose good.” We are delighted to see Guy Sebastian’s return, given that his preceding musical release came three years ago. 

Duncan Laurence – “Anything”

With numerous energetic melodies dominating this week’s playlist, the time is right for a touching ballad, and we have a truly beautiful one that comes from none other than Duncan Laurence, the Dutch winner of Eurovision 2019. His latest song has a sublime and peaceful sound, with lyrics speaking about an unwavering devotion towards your lover, about being ready to do anything for your loved one. Initially, this devotion is framed as a protective gesture toward his beloved, but slowly the song transcends into a plea, wherein he’s willing to undertake any measure to prevent his lover’s departure: “I had a vision of you/ Leaving me for someone prettier/ So I found the fountain of youth/ To make sure that I’ll never wither/ I had a dream about you/ Burning in hell when you leave us/ I talked to the big man for you/ My first conversation with Jesus.”

Celebs feat. Diljá – “Ég sé rautt”

Diljá proudly represented Iceland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Meanwhile, Celebs are an Icelandic trio you might recognise from this year’s national selection, Söngvakeppnin. This collaboration creates a unique fusion of styles and voices. The translated title is “I See Red” and the track is a blend of electronic music infused with a retro, groovy flair. This captivating song unites two beloved artists from this year’s Söngvakeppnin, promising to captivate your senses.

Ferman Akgül – “A Bebeğim – İbrahim Erkal Hürmet”

Ferman is the frontman and lead vocalist of the Turkish band maNga, the country’s 2010 Eurovision representatives. Ferman’s latest release, titled “My Baby,” arrives alongside a lyric video filled with photographs from live shows. According to the video’s description, this track, not an original composition but a heartfelt cover, is dedicated to honouring the memory of İbrahim Erkal, an eminent figure in the realm of Arabesque music. Originating in 1996, the song’s lyrics express the pain of losing a loved one, pleading for their return to life. Within these verses, the sorrow of a tragic departure is encapsulated: “I get it, you’re leaving, leaving me abandoned/ You go to infinity, throw me away into loneliness/ I want to come too, I can’t stand being without you.”

Aminata – “Paved mani (Tuvāk man pašai)”

Aminata shows the art of enjoying moments of alone time with her latest song. Well-known for her impeccable vocals, Aminata left an indelible mark as Latvia’s representative in 2015. In her newest track, she presents an ideal summer anthem, perfect for being a radio song. Titled “Take Me (Closer to Myself),” the song is paired with a lyric video wherein Aminata is enjoying some self-love at her home, radiating boundless joy even in her own company. This video highlights the significance of inner harmony, cherishing moments of self-reflection and joy.

Buket Bengisu – “Sen Çıkınca Karşıma”

Buket, alongside Group Safir, proudly represented Turkey in the 2002 Eurovision. Her latest release is a joyful fusion of Turkish influences and retro vibes. Translated as “When You Appear,” the song’s catchy energy and the music video are bound to make you smile and groove. This uplifting track is certainly a mood-lifter, with lyrics that speak about the transformative power of love, telling a story of how a lover can change your life for better: “It’s like yesterday, we were playing games (…) After crazy, crazy, countless love/ When you appeared, my world changed and became more beautiful.”

Kállay Saunders, Dubem K & Andrew Ace – “#nofilter”

The next track on the list features Kállay Saunders, Hungary’s representative in Eurovision 2014. This collaboration also includes Dubem K and Andrew Ace. Their fresh summer single introduces a fusion of Latino influences, added by the presence of Spanish lyrics. The central theme of the lyrics revolves around a heartfelt encouragement for the loved one to embrace her authentic self, giving up on any filters, as her natural beauty is already perfect: “You don’t need no filter/ When you take a picture.” The lyrics further underline that her genuine smile outshines any filter’s effect.

ela. – Es ist immer jemand wach

ela.’s new album is one that manages to navigate the spectrum of emotions. Germany’s Eurovision 2014 singer uses her unique vocals to once again shine in this album, which translates in English  as There’s Always Somebody Awake. Containing 17 tracks, this album offers you a wide range of genres. Among its songs there are some previously and beloved released tracks, including “Zwischen den Welten” (Between The Worlds) and “Lieber für mich” (Better for Me). If you yearn for deep ballads, “Morgen” (Tomorrow) and “Ich denk an dich (Mama)” (Thinking of You [Mom]) are certainly perfect. And for some groovy dance vibes we strongly suggest “Nochmal so tun” (Pretend Again).

The album also features a series of collaborations with diverse artists. We have to mention her collaboration with Ukrainian artist Jerry Heil, a two-time participant in national selection Vidbir. Titled “Ablaufdatum” (Expiration Date), the track also features Ukrainian rapper alyona alyona.

ela. also unveiled a music video for one of the most beautiful ballads from her album, “Leichter” (Easier). The video’s artistic flair harmonises with the song’s profound and personal message of persisting on one’s journey despite the struggles that may arise along the path: “Even if your head is screaming so loud/ Just listen to your heart somehow it always goes on/ The journey is worth it/ The night drives away the ghosts/ It will be easier tomorrow.” Her song serves as an embrace and a source of encouragement for those grappling with challenging times, as she expressed on her Instagram: “I hope this song gives you as much support and strength as it does me.”

Ronnie Romero – “Chased By Shadows”

Powerful rock vibes come from Ronnie Romero, the lead vocalist of the Bulgarian rock band Intelligent Music Project, who represented Bulgaria in 2022. Ronnie’s latest track, a strong rock anthem, is perfect for the fans of the genre. The instrumental composition is extremely rich, while the lyrics delve into grappling with shadows and adversaries, whether they manifest physically or within one’s mind: “Why your hands are so cold, while you’re standing alone/ There’s no heroes today/ Hear the whispers around/ What they tell is a lie, telling only lies/ Chased by shadows, don’t try to forget/ Chased by shadows, they want you to dead.”

Blue Cafe – “Niewidzialni”

The charming duo from Poland, Blue Cafe, return with an irresistibly catchy indie track. The Eurovision 2004 act’s song translates as “Invisible.” The magic of this track is enhanced by an animated music video, with a story that begins in…. (yes, you’re right) in a blue café. You will be mesmerised by the progression of this love story and the delightful animated visuals. Featuring serene musical vibes and a heavenly vocal harmony, Blue Cafe introduces a refreshing and unique song for your playlist.

VAL – “Направления”

VAL deliver a song with a deeply touching backstory. The Belarusian duo had been all set to join Eurovision 2020, but the contest was cancelled due to the pandemic. Their latest track is titled “Destinations.” This marks their comeback after a year and a half hiatus, having relocated to Israel with their children. The band shared the story behind their song on their Instagram account: “The track and clip describe our experience of starting a new chapter after relocation. There is a lot of optimism in the song, along with our feelings and nostalgia for the native land.”

The song maintains an optimistic melody, even though relocation brings both relief and a shade of sadness, given the distance from their homeland and their loved ones. The music video is filled with personal moments, depicting their departure and their new life in Israel. The lyrics also capture their journey: “A step into the unknown/ Or the way to nowhere?/ A year or a month?/ Maybe forever (…) Time to choose/  Flights, directions (…) Minsk – Tel Aviv/ Minsk – Warsaw/ Minsk – Vilnius, Riga, Amsterdam.”

Theodor Andrei – The Eurovision Medleys

Theodor Andrei proudly represented Romania in this year’s edition held in Liverpool. His latest EP brings a series of Eurovision Medleys: a three-part medley featuring songs from Eurovision 2023, a medley with winning Eurovision tracks, and a medley with the songs from this year’s Romanian national selection. Complementing these medleys, the EP also contains a live stripped version of his Eurovision entry, “D.G.T. (Off and On)”, his selection for the 2022 national selection, “Fire My Heart,” and an original Romanian song titled “Zbor” (Fly), serving as the soundtrack for the theatrical project “A Fost Un Copil Slab” (He was a weak child).

Magdalena Tul – Signature of Soul

Are you in the mood for some soulful retro vibes? Magdalena Tul (Poland, 2011) has got you covered! Her latest EP resonates with the signature of her soul, delivering a collection of groovy tracks that’ll have you dancing. With five songs and an intro, this EP captures her signature energy.

If you’re up for a night of dancing, we recommend giving “Ready for Love,” “Face The Day” and “This Thing I Do” a spin – these tracks are bound to give you a confidence boost. For those seeking a more laid-back vibe, “If Loving You Is All I Ever Do” and “Rediscovered You” are the perfect choices. When it comes to the essence of these songs, Magdalena simply sums how personal these songs are to her by saying: “Music always took a special place in my life as it all started within my heart…”

Rock Paper Sisters – One In A Million

Rock Paper Sisters emerges as a highly promising rock band hailing from Iceland, lead by Eyþór Ingi, who represented Iceland in Eurovision 2013. Their new album comprises a line-up of ten rock tracks, all of them in English. Their style easily holds its ground against some of the most renowned rock acts, showcasing remarkable skills both in vocals and instrumentals. Brace yourself for an engaging journey through ten rock anthems that will seamlessly find their place in your playlist if you’re a fan of this genre. Each track has its own narrative, contributing to a variety of unique vibes. The challenge of picking a favourite track becomes almost impossible. 

Aurela Gaçe – “Se Ti Je”

Prepare yourself for a dose of authentic Albanian rhythms with Aurela’s latest music video. Aurela, the Albanian sensation who represented her country on the Eurovision stage in 2011, brings a song called, by its translated title, “Because You Exist.” The track brings a catchy dance beat intertwined with traditional elements. Aurela shows her regal charm in the music video, embodying a queen-like presence as she treats us to her impeccable vocals. With its joyful and captivating essence, the song is totally addictive and its music video has a vibrant array of video effects. The lyrics revolve around the intoxicating experience of being deeply and addictively in love: “Because you exist/ Because you exist/ Foolishness, you are my love/  You are you/ You are you/ You are the fragrance/ You are the fragrance that makes me drunk.” 

Subwoolfer – “We Wrote A Book”

We conclude this week’s playlist on a light-hearted note with a playful one-minute track. Subwoolfer, the once-undercover representatives of Norway in Eurovision 2022 (their identities now revealed), bring a funny twist in our playlist. The song serves as a book announcement – yes, they really wrote a book! Their promotional approach is truly ingenious, showing a brief summery of their new comic book through a music video that showcases snippets of the book’s pages.

In the song, they humorously label themselves as “brilliant authors,” even daring to claim the title of “best authors in the world.” As a sneak peek into their forthcoming book, they divulge a quirky tale about two Moon-dwelling wolves venturing to Earth to feast on grandmothers. Some intriguing keywords from their new creation include: planets, toilets, Christmas, spiders, and “dorull” (Norwegian slang for toilet paper). The storyline hints at an enthralling and cosmic adventure, promising a delightful read.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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10 months ago

Guy Sebastian may not have released anything in three years – but those songs three years ago are f-ing brilliant. I dare you to listen to them and not be moved. I dare ya!

And SubWoolfer – “But one book, Get another for the same price!” lol

10 months ago

I kind of think Celebs should just replace their weak-link female singer with Dilja.

10 months ago

Omg. No one wants to Hear from Theodor or his Music . Roxandra can you Please go more then 2 Seconds With out Mentioning Him ?.?. Your Bias is So Heavy for Him

10 months ago

Ronela on the top of this list. She needs to return to Eurovision. The semi final rules were changed after her shock non qualification. Under the current rules she would have sailed to the final hence she needs another go to bring back justice. Top3 easily!

10 months ago
Reply to  3art

And they need to be changed back pronto but too late for Iceland and Latvia sadly

10 months ago
Reply to  3art

To be honest, the more I think about it, the less I agree with the adjustments that were implemented. I believe it would make far more sense to have a jury-public combination during the semis. It would ensure that the grand final is not dominated by “Mama Š?!” songs. In other words, while we may dislike certain predetermined jury voting, it still brings more quality music to the grand finals than the public audience alone. The grand final, on the other hand, should be strictly televote to allow the audience to choose the best song of the year and conclude… Read more »

10 months ago
Reply to  Devito

I’ve been on board with the idea of reforming the juries by having more jurors of diverse music, backgrounds, and slight expansion, but I am concerned that some countries with smaller populations might struggle to get, say 10 people, on a jury proportionate to their size. So I propose a small expression of maybe 7-8. I don’t know, we’ll have to see if anything changes. I think there should be a cap limit to how many votes you can allocate to one country out of your 20, like five max. I think it would keep countries from vacuuming up lots… Read more »

10 months ago

Luke spoke about the meaning behind I’m So Happy on his Discord server a few days ago – it was inspired by the culture shock of moving from Serbia to London and discovering that people do not expect or want you to answer honestly when they ask how you are doing. I can’t speak for him, obviously, but I did not get the impression that the song is intended as a criticism of psychiatric medication. (I’m personally really not a fan of the “antidepressants are a crutch” narrative).

Thank you for the article and for your support of his music!