Nemo is considered by Eurovision fans as one of the potential winners of this year’s edition, as they represent Switzerland with “The Code” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö. Let’s delve into their background with the following 10 facts.

Nemo was internally selected to represent their country. Their song blends elements of rap, drum ‘n bass, and opera, resulting in a unique and distinctive entry.

Now it’s time to discover who Nemo is behind the scenes. We’ve gathered some essential facts you should know about them. Let’s get started!


Switzerland at Eurovision 2024: 10 Facts about Nemo

1. They come from Biel/ Bienne

Nemo Mettler was born in Biel/Bienne, a bilingual city in the canton of Bern, Switzerland. This city boasts two official languages: French and German.

2. Nemo identifies themselves as non-binary

In an article for SonntagsZeitung released in November 2023, Nemo declared themselves as non-binary, expressing a preference to be referred to by their name or by neutral pronouns they/them. Their Eurovision entry, “The Code,” reflects their identity as non-binary. In a press release about their Eurovision song, Nemo stated:

“‘The Code’ is about the journey I started with the realization that I am neither a man nor a woman. Finding myself has been a long and often difficult process for me. But nothing feels better than the freedom I have gained by realizing that I am non-binary.”


3. Nemo competed in The Masked Singer Switzerland

During the second season of The Masked Singer Switzerland in 2021-2022, Nemo participated disguised as a panda and ultimately finished in fifth place after being unmasked.


4. They are also songwriter and producer

In 2020, a period of change commenced for Nemo as they began writing and producing for other artists, alongside initiating the release of songs in English.

5. Nemo plays various instruments

Nemo possesses versatile musical skills, as they are proficient in playing the violin, piano, and drums, mastering each instrument. This contributes to their identity as a well-rounded and complete artist.

6. They have a fantastic sense of fashion

You may have been impressed by the music video for “The Code,” showcasing Nemo in stunning outfits, but this sense of fashion isn’t limited to the video alone. In everyday life, Nemo exhibits an incredible sense of style, as evidenced by their outfit at the pre-party in Madrid, further confirming their fashion prowess.

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7. They liked the Frida Kahlo Museum

During their time in Mexico City, Nemo had the opportunity to explore the surroundings and enthusiastically recommended their fans to visit the Frida Kahlo Museum. This museum not only showcases Frida’s art but also allows visitors to explore her garden, providing a rich cultural experience.

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8. They have tattoos 

In an Instagram post, Nemo shared with their fans about two tattoos they have. One features a ladybird holding a flower, while the other shows a turtle on a skateboard.

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9. They enjoy reading

Not only does Nemo enjoy reading, but they also recommended the book Beautiful World, Where Are You by Irish author Sally Rooney. This novel explores themes of romance, friendship, precarity, and social class. The title is derived from a poem by Friedrich Schiller.

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10. Their favorite cocktail is Negroni

In an interview with our Cinan, Nemo revealed that their favorite cocktail is the Negroni. The Negroni is a classic cocktail made with gin, vermouth, and Campari.


Come back for more exciting stories and facts about Nemo as national final season continues and we head towards pre-parties and Malmö 2024 itself.