O melodie pentru Europa Moldova 2015


SunStroke Project, Kitty Brucknell, Miss M and Doinita Gherman are among the 24 acts that survived the live auditions in front of the Moldovan jury. Before they compete in the semi-finals on 24 and 26 February, however, they face an even greater challenge: surviving the Wiwi Jury.

All this month, our in-house panel of music unprofessionals is offering its frank opinion of each of the songs. Each juror assigns each song a score from zero to ten, and the scores are then averaged for the Wiwi Jury verdict. Our jury consists of a Slovene, a Finn, a New Zealander, an Icelander, an Australian, two Americans and an Austrian—so we are totally international and transcontinental, y’all!

Want to express your opinion and support your favourite? Be sure to comment on each individual post. The Eurovision hopefuls are reading us and you as well, so your opinion counts.

Reviews and current rankings

1. Cezara – “Am devenit straini” (8.37/10)

2. Eduard Romanyuta – “I Want Your Love” (8.06/10)

3. SunStroke Project feat. Michael Ra – “Day after Day” (7.81/10)

4. Stela Botan & The Cadence of Heart – “Save Me” (7.75/10)

5. Lidia Isac – “I Can’t Breathe” (7.37/10)

6. Doinita Gherman – “Inima fierbinte” (6.93/10)

7. Mihaela Andrei – “About Love” (6.87/10)

8. Miss M – “Lonely Stranger” (6.81/10)

9. Diana Brescan – “Up And Down” (6.62/10)

10. Domenico Protino – “Let Me Fly” (5.31/10)

11. Julia Sandu – “Fire” (5.25/10)

12. Valeria Pasa – “I Can Change All My Life” (5.18/10)

13. Raby: “Hero” (5.12/10)

14. Doredos – “Maricica” (4.93/10)

15. Glam Girls – “Magia” (4.75/10)

16. Serj Kuzenkoff – “Danu nazdravanu” (4.68-10)

17. Carolina Gorun – “Sublime” (4.50/10)

18. Kitty Brucknell – “Remix” (4.25/10)

19. Marcel Rosca – “Feelings Will Never Leave” (4.18/10)

20. Dana Markitan: “Love Me” (3.68/10)

21. Vitalie Todirascu – “Tu singura” (3.25/10)

22. Anisoara Volinschi – “Vocea inimii” (2.75/10)*

23. Vera and Diana Popa – “Faith” (2.68/10)

24. Irina Kitoroaga – “I’m Gonna Get You” (2.12/10)

*Edict, who qualified for the semi-finals with “Our Star” (and got an average of 4.18/10 in our Wiwi Jury) withdrew from the contest. They were replaced by Anisoara Volinschi and her song “Vocea inimii”.

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