Asian sensation Anggun will represent France at Eurovision 2012. Looks like the race to win Eurovision’s Next Top Model already has a front-runner!

The 37-year-old has produced 12 studio albums, including “Snow on the Sahara,” which has been released in 33 countries. She first achieved commercial success in Indonesia as a 12-year old, and moved to France at the age of 20. Every album she has released has gone gold or silver.

State broadcaster France Télévisions selected her internally rather than going through the hassle of a national selection contest. In doing so they mitigated the risk the public would choose a dud. “If we want to win the Eurovision Song Contest, our candidate has to be liked in other countries,” Marie Claire Mezzette of the France 3 network told Le Parisien. “She is a popular singer not only in France, but overseas. She is involved and takes part in various humanitarian projects, she portrays her true kind nature.”

Anggun’s Eurovision entry has not yet been revealed. Stay tuned for the latest developments! But for now check out Anggun in action below.


“Snow in the Sahara”:

“I’ll Be Alright.” Anggun gives major diva attitude in the beginning of this video. Loves it!

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BRAVO ANGGUN! YOu can make it!


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