Phillipp Kirkorov, Eurovision Diva, Has a Baby Through Surrogate Mother

Phillip Kirkorov, one of Russia’s most hot-tempered divas and its 1995 Eurovision contestant, has announced that he has had a baby with the help of a surrogate mother in the United States.

Kirkorov, 44, made the announcement in late November during Russia’s “Golden Gramophone” awards. As befits a drama queen, his little girl popped out of the surrogate just two minutes before Kirkorov took to the stage that evening. “I am very grateful to the woman who saved me from loneliness and did this deed for me,” he told Russia’s Komsomolskaya Pravda. “When the spotlight is switched off and when the applause is over, my colleagues go home to their families, and I come back home… to a cold, lonely bed.”

Kirkorov has avoided the media since he fled to Israel last December after slapping one of his assistants and dragging her across the floor by her hair. But becoming a father has him chatty again. He appeared on Russian talk show “Let Them Talk” at the end of November. The setting was an empty nursery (you can watch it below). Among other things, Kirkorov denied that the baby was born in the United States so that she would be a U.S. citizen, and confirmed that the child will come to Russia within a month so that she’ll have a Russian passport.

“Why America? I made the decision that the baby will be born there only from the safety point of view, in order to avoid all the noise [of the Russian media],” he told host Andrei Malakhov. “As an example of a lonely man, I want to show and prove that the lonely father has the right to bring up a baby. I have the money to provide the baby with a good life, and an education. And with the help of Komsomolskaya Pravda I want to say that you should not be ashamed or be afraid of your loneliness.”

The baby—Alla-Viktoria Filippovna Kirkorova—is named after Kirkorov’s late mother and his ex-wife Alla Pugachyova. “My life is divided into two parts: life with mum and life afterward with Alla Pugachyova.” Little Alla-Viktoria looks set to help him write a third. As he said: “I won’t be lonely any more.”

Kirkorv on the Russian talk show “Let Them Talk”: