Rambo Amadeus, who describes himself as “one of the most prominent cult figures on the ex-Yugoslav music scene,” has been selected to represent Montenegro at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

Amadeus—real name Antonije Pusic—is known for his witty lyrics and crude satire that have, at various points, mocked everything from local politics to ethnic conflict in Yugoslavia. As part of his skewering of world affairs, he sometimes goes by “Rambo Amadeus Svjetski Mega Car” (RASMC) — Montenegran for “Rambo Amadeus World Mega Tsar.” He’s kind of like Sacha Baron Cohen (the man behind Borat), expect he’s making fun of his own people. 

RTCG, the Montenegrin national broadcaster, has not yet revealed his song. But they have confirmed that he’ll be recording it in Ljubljana with noted Slovene musician Robert Pesut. “He will be a good representative representing our country and the region. He’s not the  typical musician,” Rade Vojvodic, the head of RTCG’s Eurovision team, told reporters. “There is one important fact  that separates him from other musicians and makes him unique and distinguished. He is very popular throughout the former Yugoslavian countries, and he is an UNICEF ambassador.” Presumably that means he’ll help bring back bloc voting in the Balkans.

Rambo’s video for “Urbano, Samo Urbano.” He wears this animal-print coat in almost every photo you see of him:

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