Discuss: Esma & Lozano’s “Imperija” Is the Duet Eurofans Craved

Depending on who you are, Esma & Lozano’s “Imperija” is either an ingenious blend of folk and pop—or a hot mess. We haven’t yet found the lyrics in English, so aren’t totally sure what they’re singing about….or what a young pop star and an old Gypsy Queen have to say to each other. But we love the trippy video they’ve produced. Twelve points if you can count all of Esma’s outfit changes!

What do you think of the song? Dream or nightmare? BMW or Soviet-era Lada? Let us know in the comments box below! (And if you speak or read Macedonian, can you please clue us in to what this song is about?)

Odam,cekoram po nebo,
Letam jas niz vremeto,
I koga zaspivam,
Pesni jas sonuvam

Ejgidi more dejgidi,
Nasi pesni ubavi

Zivotot e muzika,
Nasata imperija


Muzika caruva na zemjata,
Najmokna sila na planetata

Koga spie cela vselena,
Peam vo nokite,
Gi dopiram svezdite
So krilja na notite