Discuss: Valentina Monetta Brings the Drama with “Crisalide”

Valentina Monetta has unveiled her Eurovision 2013 song “Crisalide”. We’ve read the English translation and the lyrics don’t contain a single reference to cyber sex or Facebook. We’re thoroughly impressed!

Valentina won the hearts of the Wiwi Jury in 2012 with her song “The Social Network”. Back then Valentina was an innocent newbie performing bubble gum pop. In an interview with William and Vebooboo she said she had never left her country before! This year she has matured into a woman and brings a ballad full of fire and passion. That’s the whole idea behind “Crisalide” (that’s chrysalis in English). The title refers to the hard covering that a butterfly sheds when it’s developing into something beautiful—just like Valentina.

“Transforming oneself is wonderful, respecting yourself, your nature, and your talent,” Valentina said while unveiling the song. “It’s necessary.”

I love that she’s singing in Italian. I love that through some clever rhythm changes this ballad becomes a dance song. This is in my Top 5!

English translation

Sometimes inside me
I felt a vacuum that
Was calling me inside of it
Come now, to see the truth
There’s a bridge on the immensity
What am I, after all?
God’s fragile dream
With a body made in this way?
Big eyes, color, living we die
Snowing for the eternity
Fly, fly, and the strength will arrive
Always alone
To another freedom
The new butterfly always left behind
The chrysalis that you were
Empty, without me
From the clouds, we know
The rain will fall
Suddenly, it will happen
That wet wings
With teardrops that can’t be dried
Then, the wind will come
And you fly, fly, fly away from yourself
Always alone, to you
A reflex will appear
In the mirror that steals the image
In a thousand pieces of vertigo
The light will spark
How much life there is
I never realized it
And if you still don’t know
We are the universe
Fly, and the strength will arrive
Never alone in the real freedom
The new butterfly always left behind
The chrysalis that you were
Empty, without me
Fly, in the joy you’ll never be alone
In the immensity of us
Suddenly, the love
Like a new sun
Will change everything
Fly, fly, fly with me.