Eurovision in China: No Lesbian Kiss for CCTV-15 Broadcast

Eurovision fans in China were thrilled to learn that leading music channel CCTV-15 would broadcast the Eurovision semi-finals and final from October 5 to October 7. But last night, during the re-play of the second semi, they were less keen to learn that the broadcaster had censored Krista Siegfrid’s lesbian kiss.

CHINAESCFANS—the fan source for Eurovision fans in China—reports that CCTV-15 broadcast Krista’s performance of “Marry Me” but completely cut the girl-on-girl kiss that closes the number. That’s sparked outrage among Eurovision fans who just wanted to enjoy the show in its entirity. “Many active Chinese Eurovision Fans, despite of not being gay or lesbian, protested the censorship in the comment of CCTV-15’s official Sina Weibo (a popular twitter alternative of China),” CHINAESCFANS writes. “This censorship does not come as a surprise to us. We think it’s a matter of time before there is tolerance for homosexuality in the world’s most populous country, but it can not be achieved in a single evening.”

Krista Siegfrids, the winner of our 2013 Dana International Award for LGBT Inclusion, spoke out against the network’s decision on Twitter.


As you’ll recall, Turkey’s state broadcaster pulled its broadcast of the second semi-final as a result of Krista’s kiss in May. This had the unintended effect of bringing even more attention to the issue. Krista’s platform for equal marriage rights just gets bigger and bigger with each controversy, y’all!

The team at applauds CHINAESCFANS for drawing attention to the issue, and Krista Siegfrids for speaking up for the gay community yet again. Let’s hope Chinese officials are listening!

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Photo: (EBU)