Aarzemnieki singer: Our song has 10 or 11 chords. It’s not easy!

We all know that Latvia’s Aarzemnieki will be singing “Cake to Bake” at Eurovision. So when we heard that the group was headed to Amsterdam for Eurovision in Concert, we were really worried they’d bake a spacecake in a coffee shop and miss the show!

But, as we learned during our interview, frontman Jöran Steinhauer’s biggest vice is honey cake.

We first met Jöran at Latvia’s national final in Ventspils. He was really tired back then, and the non-stop work has run him down even more. But he’s staying upbeat and positive, just like his song, which is all about reaching out when you need to. “If you can’t do easy things like bake a cake it’s not a problem,” he says. “You should ask for help.”

He also clarified that “Cake to Bake” is more challenging than some people think: “I think there are 10 or 11 chords or something. It’s not that easy!”

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