Spain: Pastora Soler is pregnant with her first child

Pastora Soler, the Spanish representative at Eurovision 2012, has just announced that she’s 12 weeks pregnant with her first child!

As most Eurovision fans will recall, Pastora — one of Spain’s most beloved singers — has had a difficult time of late. Last December, she announced that she was taking a hiatus from her musical career because of stage fright. None of us anticipated that this confident, powerful singer suffered from nerves. After dealing with the stress of performance — and at one point collapsing on stage — she had to bow out. But three months later, Pastora has reason to smile again.

Pastora has emphatized that her pregnancy was not the reason she exited stage right. She said that she knew that she was expecting a baby in January and that, coincidentally, the doctors told her that her baby was conceived on December 1, the same day when she made the announcement of her retirement. Looks like she and her husband were celebrating her decision like only a close couple can.

Pastora’s first child is expected in August. The father is Francis Viñolo, who was behind Pastora’s staging in Baku and Brequette’s in the Spanish NF last year. They have been married for five years.

(@francis_vinolo and I thank you for all the messages and the good wishes for this new phase… We’re so happy!! Thank you)

We sincerely wish Pastora all the best and hope that her first child will help her recover from her stage fright so she can delight us with her amazing voice soon!