Serbia: Bojana Stamenov chooses English and “Beauty Never Lies”

Bojana Stamenov — Belgrade’s answer to Aretha Franklin — has today announced that she will sing in English at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Yes, she has chosen “Beauty Never Lies” over the Serbian version “Ceo Svet Je Moj”. This marks a huge shift for state broadcaster RTS, which has always fielded Serbian-language songs at the contest, including its last winner “Molitva”.

“‘Molitva’ was performed in 2007 in the Serbian language, but since then much has changed,” Vladimir Graic, Bojana’s composer, said to N1 news. “Now it’s time for a song in the English language. The text is fantastic, and it certainly fits Bojana.”

The news site reports that Bojana is thrilled with her decision.

“Now I am left to give my best and convey the strong message about this song we will send,” she said. “It’s time to talk to myself and to others loudly: you’re beautiful, you’re different, you’re here!”

Poll results

One week ago we asked our readers whether they preferred the English-language “Beauty Never Lies” or its Serbian-language counterpart “Ceo Svet Je Moj”. After counting 989 votes, we can now reveal that 62% of our readers wanted Bojana to sing in Serbian. That said, many commenters on our post said that the switch of the tongue still works nicely, and is far better than attempts other countries have made to sing in English (such as Albania 2014).

1. Ceo Svet Je Moj (Serbian) 615 votes, 62.18%
2. Beauty Never Lies (English) 374 votes, 37.82%