Poll update: Petra Mede is your favourite to host Eurovision 2016

Back on May 28, we asked our readers to start voting for their favourites to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Sweden. As you’d expect, the current standings heavily favor acts that have been involved in Eurovision and Melodifestivalen. Our readers demand relevant experience, clearly!

Leading the pack with a staggering 20% of all votes is Petra Mede, Sweden’s Oprah Winfrey (but way funnier). She knows how to work that tongue — she’s fluent in Swedish, English, Spanish and French — and made us laugh as the host of Melodifestivalen 2009, Eurovision 2013, and the Eurovision’s Greatest Hits show in 2015. And boy does she look good in a tin foil dress! We caught up with her in London moments after the Greatest Hits show. She’s always on!

In second place with 18% of the vote it’s Eurovision 2015 winner Mans Zelmerlow. The “Heroes” singer is the bookies’ odds-on favourite, and not just because of his victory in Vienna. Rumours suggest SVT may ask Mans and ROCKY IV star Dolph Lundgren to co-host, just as they did at Melodifestivalen 2010. He’d bring the voice and, of course, that body.

Sanna Nielsen, Sarah Dawn Finer and Gina Dirawi round out our Top 5. You can see the current standings below. Who is your pick? We’ll leave this poll open until the end of August, so there’s still time to support your favourite.

Eurovision 2016: Who should host?

Standings as of 22 June at noon GMT

  1. Petra Mede 20.09% (678 votes)
  2. Mans Zelmerlow 18.05% (609 votes)
  3. Sanna Nielsen 14.49% (489 votes)
  4. Sarah Dawn Finer 13.31% (449 votes)
  5. Gina Dirawi 8.24% (278 votes)
  6. Eric Saade 6.25% (211 votes)
  7. Danny Saucedo 3.82% (129 votes)
  8. Robin Paulsson 3.79% (128 votes)
  9. Charlotte Perrelli 2.37% (80 votes)
  10. Carola Haggkvist 1.66% (56 votes)
  11. David Hellenius 1.13% (38 votes)
  12. Lena Philipsson 1.1% (37 votes)
  13. Shirley Clamp 0.8% (27 votes)
  14. Andreas Lundstedt 0.68% (23 votes)
  15. Marie Serneholt 0.53% (18 votes)
  16. Jessica Almenas 0.44% (15 votes)
  17. Martin Stenmarck 0.39% (13 votes)
  18. Nanne Gronvall 0.27% (9 votes)
  19. Anders Lundin 0.12% (4 votes)

Total votes: 3,377

Our favourites to host Eurovision 2016

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