POLL: Which Junior Eurovision 2015 song are you still listening to?

Every day until December 24, we’re stuffing your stockings with a new Eurovision poll and asking for your opinion about important matters such as your favourite edition of the contest and your favourite Spanish entry of the past ten years. Consider this our advent calendar for 2015. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you can let us know your thoughts each and every day by casting your vote and sounding off in our comments section. There’s under a week left to Christmas, so let’s see what we have for you today!

Day 19: Junior Eurovision 2015

Four weeks ago this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest took place in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. Malta was crowned as the winner for a second time in three years. Armenia’s Mika and Slovenia’s Lina finished as runner-ups.

But which of the 18 finalists are you still listening to? Vote for the songs in our poll by checking the box next to the option. You can vote for as many songs as you wish, but only one time.

Recap of all songs inside the arena

Albania: Mishela Rapo with “Dambaje”

Armenia: Mika with “Love”

Australia: Bella Paige with “My Girls”

Belarus: Ruslan Aslanov with “Volshebstvo (Magic)”

Bulgaria: Gabriela & Ivan with “Colour of Hope”

Georgia: The Virus with “Gabede”

Ireland: Aimee Banks with “Réalta na Mara”

Italy: Chiara & Martina with “Viva”

FYR Macedonia: Ivana & Magdalena with “Pletenka – Braid of Love”

Malta: Destiny Chukunyere with “Not My Soul”

Montenegro: Jana Mirkovic with “Oluja”

Netherlands: Shalisa with “Million Lights”

Russia: Mikhail Smirnov with “Mechta (Dream)”

San Marino: Kamilla Ismailova with “Mirror”

Serbia: Lena Stamenkovic with “Lenina pesma”

Slovenia: Lina Kuduzovic with “Prva ljubezen”

Ukraine: Anna Trincher with “Pochny z sebe – Start with Yourself”

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