Poll: Who should win Belgium Eurosong 2016?

During the second live show of Belgium’s Eurosong 2016, this year’s five finalists finally revealed their songs in full. They’re going hard and dreaming big — but who has what it takes to keep Loïc Nottet’s Eurovision 2015 momentum going?

Amaryllis Uitterlinden asks you to “Kick the Habit” with her 1950s throwback. Tom Frantzis serves up some some Softengine, pop-rock realness with “I’m Not Lost”. Astrid Destuyver is drawing comparisons to Ellie Goulding with “Everybody Aches”. Laura Tesoro blends funk, soul and pop with “What’s the Pressure”. And Adil Aarab lets us know what’s “In Our Nature” with his mix of R&B and lounge, most appropriate when the sun goes down…

Now it’s time for you to have a listen and let us know who you think should win Belgium Eurosong 2016. You can vote for as many acts as you’d like, but you can only vote ONE time, so make it count. It’s up to you Europe. Start voting now!

Belgium Eurovision 2016: The Songs in Full


I need to kick the habit
Kick the habit, kick the habit
I need to kick the habit
Kick the habit, kick the habit
‘Cause it’s toxic…


I’m not lost
I’m on my way
In the middle of nowhere
I have found myself again…


I’m gonna make you feel fine
You gotta give it some time
You gotta hold on
Gotta be strong
I’m gonna help you pull through
I’m gonna be there for you…


What’s the pressure?
You will cope
You will know in the end
That this is fiction…


Oh oh oh
It’s in our nature
To be calm as the night
When the sun goes down…

Poll: Who should win Belgium Eurosong 2016?

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