Poll results: Ireland’s Nicky Byrne is still your favourite Eurovision 2016 act (22 January)

Despite Belgium’s best efforts to shake things up, Ireland’s Nicky Byrne is your favourite Eurovision 2016 act for a second week. Of the 1,554 votes cast since Monday 18 January, the “Sunlight” singer earned 688, or roughly 43%. That’s down from the 762 votes he received last week, but then that’s to be expected since there are more acts to choose from.

Nicky Byrne “Sunlight”

Laura Tesoro’s victory in Belgium has ruffled many feathers (including Kate Ryan’s), but nonetheless her entry “What’s The Pressure” debuts at number two on our poll, picking up a respectable 482 votes (31%). Could the release of the studio version help her rise up the rankings next time?

Laura Tesoro “What’s The Pressure”

Last but not least, we have Albania’s Eneda Tarifa. Laura asks what’s the pressure, perhaps Eneda can give us the answer. That’s not to say “Përrallë” (Fairytale) fared particularly badly in this weeks poll. It still managed to get  a respectable 404 votes or just over 25% of all votes cast. And it would be foolish to write off  “Përrallë” (Fairytale) before we hear the promised revamp.

Eneda Tarifa “Përrallë” (Fairytale)

Your Eurovision Favourites on 22 January (3 Acts)

  1. Ireland: Nicky Byrne “Sunlight” 42.99% (668 votes)
  2. Belgium: Laura Tesoro “What’s The Pressure” 31.02% (482 votes)
  3. Albania: Eneda Tarifa “Përrallë” (Fairytale) 25.99% (404 votes)

Total Votes: 1,554

Thankfully, this isn’t a battle royale. Our trio will return to the ring once again when we relaunch the poll on Sunday. They’ll be joined by two new adversaries in the shape of the winners from the Belarusian and Maltese national selections.

What do you think of the current standings? Does Ireland deserve to be at number one for a second week? And can it hold on to the top spot now that the competition is picking up pace? Who’s your Eurovision favourite? Let us know below.

Previous Favourites

Your favourites on 17 January (2 acts)

  1. Ireland: Nicky Byrne “Sunlight” 58.08% (762 votes)
  2. Albania: Eneda Tarifa “Përrallë” (Fairytale) 41.92% (550 votes)

Total Votes: 1,312