This weekend, Malta decides who will represent them at Eurovision 2016. The action kicks off tonight with the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016 semifinal. We’re on the ground, grabbing interviews with some of the contestants. Earlier, we had a chat with one of the new faces for 2016 — Stefan Galea. He’s competing with “Light Up My Light”. Will Stockholm turn on the lights for him next May?

“Oh my god how will I get through this?” That’s what Stefan thought as he stepped on the MESC stage for the first time during yesterday’s rehearsals. But the young singer is taking it all in his stride, “It assures me that you can really do what your passion is and that makes me so so happy”.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016: Stefan Galea Interview

He may have some initial butterflies, but he’s in it to win it. “Eurovision is the biggest music platform in Malta and it open so many doors to put on your career which is so great, specially because we are a small island!”, says Stefan. “It’s quite a big responsibility to represent Malta and a lot of pressure aswell, BUT when you focus you will succeed!”

Stefan is also rehearsing a lot, focusing on his voice in particular: “In my song you need dancers but my main focus is the voice because you need to make sure that your vocals are on point. No good vocals = no final!”

Stefan Galea “Light Up My Life”

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Interviews