POLL: What is the best Baltic entry at Eurovision 2016?

Last year — and for the first time ever — all three Baltic nations qualified for the Eurovision final. Latvia’s Aminata Savadogo led the way in sixth place, with Estonia’s Elina & Stig close behind in seventh and Lithuania’s Monika & Vaidas bringing up the rear in 18th.

This year a tantalising trio of men hope to keep the Baltic revival going and they’re bringing a whole lot of ESC experience with them. Latvia’s Justs, the bookies favourite among the three, will sing a song penned by Aminata, while Estonia’s Jüri Pootsman will take on a number from last year’s act Stig Rästa. And then there is Donny Montell — the gym-honed stud who placed 14th at Eurovision 2012.

But who has what it takes to slay their regional rivals and finish near the top at Eurovision? You can listen to each song below, and watch our first reaction, and then vote in our poll. You can vote for as many acts as you’d like, but you can only vote one time. Be sure to click the box next to each act you want to support before pressing submit.

It’s up to you, Europe. Start voting now!

Estonia: Jüri Pootsmann with “Play”

Jüri’s voice is deeper than the ocean — and sounds like it’s been soaked in testosterone. Stig loves throwback sounds and “Play” is doused in them, serving 1960s cool-cat realness. At Eesti Laul Jüri reflected those sounds with mod styling. Does it make you want to relive a bygone era?

Latvia: Justs with “Heartbeat”

He’s been a favourite of Eurofans from the moment his song was revealed at Supernova, and the bookies have consistently had him in their Top 6 to win it all. His live performance echoes the studio version and the sound is very radio-friendly and very now. Can his Nordic pop vibe take Latvia a few places higher in 2016?

Lithuania: Donny Montell with “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night”

Back in Baku bookies wrote off Donny and his song “Love is Blind”. But he went on to place third in his semi-final anyway. Today Donny has morphed from boy to man and he’s hoping his new Scandi sound can take him to the Top 10. The boy is dead and the man has arrived in his place. Will Europe treat him as nicely this time around?

Poll: What is the best Baltic entry at Eurovision 2016?

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