Now that all the songs have been selected for the 61st Eurovision Song Contest, we enter the quiet period before the artists make their way to Stockholm in May. But fear not, as wiwibloggs has launched Alternative Eurovision to keep the Eurovision soul pumping through your veins. Semi-Final 1 has been held and the first ten qualifiers have been revealed. Now it’s time to see what Semi-Final 2 has to offer and who will grab the final ten spots in the Alternative Eurovision grand finale…

Albania: Eneda Tarifa “Me Veten”

Albania’s Eneda Tarifa goes rock chick in her 2010 single, “By yourself”. She participated in Top Fest 7 with this song, which she went on to win — bagging herself €10,000 in the process. If only she’d saved some of it for her ESC entry…

Australia: Dami Im “Super Love”

Forget the sound of silence: Dami Im is giving us the sound of a trans-Pacific megahit! The X Factor winner serves major seoul in her colourful 2014 single, “Super Love.”

Belarus: IVAN “Diamond”

Aleksandr Ivanov competed in the Russian version of X Factor last year, where he sung his way into the top 5. In one episode he sang an original song, “Diamond” – a touching symphonic ballad that showcases IVAN’s raw vocals.

Belgium: Laura Tesoro “Outta Here”

After finishing second in The Voice van Vlaanderen in 2014, Belgium’s Laura Tesoro went on to release her debut single “Outta Here.” Staying true to her 70s sound, she dropped a song funkier than a multi-coloured octopus wearing flared jeans.

Bulgaria: Poli Genova “Den s pleneno slunce”

If you thought that this woman already had enough achievements to her name, think again. Back in 2013, Poli Genova played the role of the princess in the original Bulgarian musical, Aladdin — and princess Jasmine slays in the haunting ballad, “The sun captured a day”.

Denmark: Lighthouse X “It’s a Brand New Day”

It may currently be 9 degrees Celsius in Copenhagen, but Lighthouse X are bringing the sunshine. Let the warm Danish summer breeze sweep your problems away in their 2015 single “It’s a Brand New Day.”

Georgia: Young Georgian Lolitaz “Hollywood”

If you need some Britpop vocals and a neo-psychedelia guitar riff, then look no further than the Young Georgian Lolitaz. Choosing from songs such as “Mister+pornlove,” “Gay Swimmer” and “Ooooo,” we eventually settled for “Hollywood” – a song about the band’s favourite bikini wax.

Ireland: Westlife “Uptown Girl”

For any of you living under rocks, Nicky Byrne was part of Ireland’s biggest musical export, Westlife. Their most successful single was their cover of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl,” selling over 750,000 copies in 2001. Apologies for the Vietnamese subtitles.

Israel: Hovi Star “W.S.I.L”

Turn up the fashion, turn up the sass and turn up the dance beat! Hovi Star gives us auto-tune realness in his 2011 single “W.S.I.L.” I think the less said about this one the better…

Latvia: GACHO “Skills to Party”

Up until his participation in Supernova, Justs has been part of the Latvian music Project, GACHO. Enjoy his pretty face dripping with fluorescent paint as he shows us his “Skills to Party” in their 2014 floor filler.

Lithuania: Donny Montell “Wicked Games”

Recently, Lithuania’s hunky heartthrob teamed up with Radistai DJs for the colossal dance anthem “Wicked Games”. Love may be blind, but I ain’t deaf – and this is a tune!

FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi “Ne”

No, she’s not trying out her horse impression – Kaliopi is saying no to the man who broke her heart in her 2007 single, “Ne”. The Balkan rock-ballad is undeniably Kaliopi, and has aged almost as well as her impeccable complexion.

Norway: Agnete “Mama”

Agnete gives us a portion of pretty pop with her 2014 single, “Mama.” And despite winning Melodi Grand Prix junior, Dancing with the Stars and representing Norway at Eurovision, Agnete’s mother still isn’t happy with her. Now that is standards!

Poland: Michal Szpak “Tic Tac Clock”

Szpak finished second in Poland’s X Factor in 2011, and went on to release his debut album, Byle byc soba (Only to be Yourself), four years later. Let Michal elevate you above the skies of Warsaw with the dreamy electropop number, “Tic Tac Clock”.

Romania: Ovidiu Anton “Run Away With Me”

2013 marked the second of many attempts by Ovidiu to represent his homeland at Eurovision, this year with the Celtic flavoured “Run Away With Me”. Sadly the votes ran away from Anton, leaving him in second to last place in the final.


From 2008, Sanja Vucic has been the lead singer of the musical crossover band, ZAA, fusing into their sound everything from punk to soul to ska. Sanja gives us her best Caribbean accent and more spunk than a semen cryopreservation centre in their 2014 single, “IRIE&KOOL”.

Slovenia: ManuElla “Raztrgaj me nežno”

Goodbye banjo, hello catchy dance beat! After finishing fourth in Slovenia’s 2012 Eurovision preselection, ManuElla teamed up with the Slovenian rock band StereoTipi, giving us the unusual request to “Tear Me Gently”.

Switzerland: Rykka “Movies”

Rykka’s 2015 single, “Movies,” is what kick-started her career in Switzerland. She filmed the music video inside the Rhone glacier, and after receiving high airplay on Swiss radio stations she decided to write a song for Eurovision.

Ukraine: Jamala “It’s Me, Jamala”

She is no Gaga; She is no Amy; She is Jamala – and she is not going to let us forget! Her colourful, jazzy, craziness is what catapulted Jamala straight to the top of the Ukrainian music scene, demonstrated perfectly in her 2010 single “It’s Me, Jamala”.

Now that you have heard all 19 entries, it’s time to cast your vote. Just like at the actual Eurovision, you can vote for as many countries as you like — however you can only vote once, so choose wisely. Be sure to click the box next to each act you want to support before pressing submit.

The 10 acts with the most votes will advance to the final, along with the qualifiers from semi final 1 and the automatic qualifiers. Europe… start voting NOW!

Alternative Eurovision: Semi-final 2

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As long as Poland would send Micha? Szpak which song would be would pretty much not matter.


wow Michal is very good singer and this song really touched my heart . Really true Arist 🙂


Edd.. So little is known about you… Why don’t you have a Twitter?






I kinda don’t think it’s fair to include Uptown Girl for Nicky Byrne. Aside from the fact it barely features him, it was a cover version already! Maybe another Westlife song that was originally released by them at least?


Why not Real Hero from Michal Szpak? It’s amazing.

Mei International


I’ve voted for Australia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania ans Switzerland. There are some other enjoyable songs, but in general they don’t have “high” quality. I would have voted for Ireland cause I like the original song, but I don’t consider fair compete here with a cover of an already famous song. Also, after ‘1944’ I can’t see Jamala singing other songs but deep ballads! My fav from this bunch is ‘Diamond’ by Ivan, I hope he finally gets a good place in the wiwipolls, cause I love it since the first moment I heard it in Riga and shows this guy’s… Read more »

I Love Albania,don’t speak Albanian but sang along to it not knowing what the hell it was about except what an amazing language. Great voice pity about her Euro vision song which is not that popular.


Rykka’s “Movies” all the way! Such a shame it was released in July. Would’ve been our best entry in decades lol.
“It’s me, Jamala” is cool too. Besides those two I also voted for Lithuania, Belgium and Bulgaria.
“Movies” and Estonia’s “I Remember U” are my favorites to win this.


Rykka’s song is awesome! It would be my number one in this alt semi! Wish she’d entered this one in the actual contest, but I think it was released too early to qualify for this year’s ESC. 😀

Aline Van Rossem (lelijk wijf)
Aline Van Rossem (lelijk wijf)

Laura Tesore – Outta Here


Rykka by a country mile for me, Movies would be my number one/two depending on the day in the actual contest. The instrumental, the vocals, honestly just everything about this song screams superiority to “The Last Of Our Kind”. Oh well I guess we can’t have everything, but it would be a crime for her to not qualify into the finals of this ^^^


well, from what I saw in Jamala’s video, no one had a chance 🙂


Rykka and Ivan are really good 😉

Padraig Muldoon

@V_AUS she does! 😀

Olga from Latvia

Young Georgian Lolitaz have the best song out of these.


At 0:28 it sounds like Rykka sings “Your sh*t is so intense”.


WOW. Rykka is actually good! And I am so not used to Jamala’s voice sounding so upbeat. For me, the only ones that impressed were Switzerland, Serbia, FYR Macedonia, Australia and Ukraine.


Prefer Gladiator – the first Dami’s song that caught my attention on radio 🙂

Amor A

I am surprised that for many of these stars their other songs are better than their Eurovision songs, like Belgium, Belarus and Romania. I have to say though although I love Jamala this song WIWI chose for her was not good. They should have chosen her most recent one: Its MUCH better

John Doe

My opinion has not changed about most of these artists. BUT
I would like to ask BELARUS and GEORGIA to swap songs ASAP. These artists are extremely underrated thanks to their ‘rubbish’ songs. IVAN and Young Georgian Lolitaz are my favourites here.
Disappointment: Jamala
Now I understand where Sanja’s spasms come from. It took too long to free herself. She has still bad dreams about making this video.

Antranig Shokayan

Rykka’s “Movies” is absolutely phenomenal!




What the chuff picks these songs? Gladiator by Dami is much better than super love.

And as for Kaliopi, I’d rather seen Rodjeni (Bato) or Oboi me



thank you for the link, i love that song 🙂


Sanja from Serbia with group ZAA, have better song than this in poll.


1. Laura Tesoro

2. Hovi Star

3. Kaliopi

4. Dami Im

5. Jamala

6. Ivan

7. Manuella

8. Rykka

9. Ovidiu Anton