Alternative Eurovision 2016: We reveal the semi-final 2 qualifiers

This April we launched Alternative Eurovision, our search to determine the best other song by our beloved Eurovision 2016 artists. In semi-final two we offered you women in tiaras, men in dresses, native Americans in fluorescent paint, and a whole lot more. Nineteen acts competed, but only ten can make it to the grand finale – decided purely by your votes, cast from all over Europe, and beyond.

During the seven-day voting period you guys cast a total of 3,121 votes. In order to preserve the integrity of the grand final voting, we aren’t revealing the breakdown of the votes just yet. But we are revealing the 10 qualifiers — and in random order. They are…

Lithuania: Donny Montell “Wicked Games”

Ireland: Westlife “Uptown Girl”

Belgium: Laura Tesoro “Outta Here”

Ukraine: Jamala “It’s Me, Jamala”

Bulgaria: Poli Genova “Den s pleneno slunce”

Latvia: GACHO “Skills to Party”

Switzerland: Rykka “Movies”


Australia: Dami Im “Super Love”

Poland: Michal Szpak “Tic Tac Clock”

These ten countries will join the semi-final one qualifiers, along with France, Italy, Spain, and Sweden in the grand final. Unfortunately this means that we must say goodbye to NINE countries. See how they fared in the voting below:

  1. Norway: Agnete “Mama” 4% (122 votes)
  2. Israel: Hovi Star “W.S.I.L” 3% (100 votes)
  3. Denmark: Lighthouse X “It’s a Brand New Day” 3% (97 votes)
  4. FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi “Ne” 3% (96 votes)
  5. Belarus: IVAN “Diamond” 3% (87 votes)
  6. Albania: Eneda Tarifa “Me Veten” 3% (83 votes)
  7. Romania: Ovidiu Anton “Run Away With Me” 2% (70 votes)
  8. Slovenia: ManuElla “Raztrgaj me nežno” 2% (63 votes)
  9. Georgia: Young Georgian Lolitaz “Hollywood” 2% (50 votes)

Did your favourite make the cut? Is there an alternative to our alternative songs that you would have put forth? Let us know in the comments section!

Stay tuned for the grand final, coming very soon…

Alternative Eurovision 2016