Poll Results: Jamala had the best rehearsal on May 5

Belgium gave us fierce disco, Ukraine had us on the verge of tears and Slovenia served both breasts and prayers. And that was just three countries out of eight that took to the stage on May 5 at Eurovision 2016. We asked you guys who wowed the most during their first rehearsal. After counting 3,227 votes, we can now reveal that you guys think Jamala from Ukraine stole the show. The bookies clearly agree as Ukraine have shot up in the bookies’ rankings in recent days. Could we be heading back to Kyiv in 2017?

Simple and emotive staging really make the Ukrainian entry stand out. It’s so emotionally gripping and visually stunning that it may have a lock on victory in this semi-final. We unanimously agree that Ukraine will absolutely make the final and score incredibly well. When Jamala sings she sings for thousands of victims of Stalin’s terror. With that kind of motivation it’s no wonder she seems to leave it all on stage time after time.

The hilariously charming Poli Genova from Bulgaria slid into second place with 761 votes. And perhaps the biggest underdog in the second semi final, Laura Tesoro from Belgium, funked her way into third place with 619 votes.


  1. Ukraine – Jamala with “1944” (862 votes, 26.71%)
  2. Bulgaria – Poli Genova with “If Love Was A Crime” (761 votes, 23.58%)
  3. Belgium – Laura Tesoro with “What’s The Pressure” (619 votes, 19.18%)
  4. Norway – Agnete with “Icebreaker” (398 votes, 12.33%)
  5. Georgia – Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz with “Midnight Gold” (163 votes, 5.05%)
  6. Slovenia – ManuElla with “Blue And Red” (159 votes, 4.93%)
  7. Albania – Eneda Tarifa with “Fairytale” (146 votes, 4.52%)
  8. Denmark – Lighthouse X with “Soldiers Of Love” (119 votes, 3.69%)