Four years after setting fire to the Eurovision stage in Baku, Anggun is still bringing the heat.

Over the weekend the “Echo (You and I)” singer spoke with French radio station RFM about her personal life and upcoming projects. Eurovision fans will be thrilled to know she plans to release an album in English by the end of the year!

“This new album will be dedicated to non French speaking countries,” she said.

The new LP will follow Toujours un ailleurs, her latest album, sung mostly in French, which brought together musical influences from around the globe. Surely you remember the first single “Nos vies parrallèles” feat. Florent Pagny. It mixed French pop with South American melody — and it did so beautifully.

A tour across France by late 2016

Anggun has chosen “Face au vent” as the latest single from her most recent album. Anggun said that she took inspiration from her personal life when crafting the fresh, uptempo track.

“It deals with the challenge that independent women — the ones who succeed in their career, the ones who have children — face to find success in their love life too. It is something that matters a lot!” she said, adding that she is a “huge romantic”.

Anggun also talked about her relationships in the music industry and admitted that she is good friends with Natasha Saint-Pier: “She just gave birth to a cute baby boy. We share so much together and we live near each other!”

In 2013 the two Eurovision stars recorded a musical version of the religious poem “Vivre d’amour”. It was spiritual

The Indonesian-born diva will tour France to promote her latest disc and to celebrate her 20-year career in her adoptive country. The tour begins with three shows at the intimate Café de la Danse in Paris on December 1, 2 and 3 before moving to other cities.

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Can’t wait for her upcoming intenational / English album, I’m still enjoying her Toujours un ailleurs’ songs though. ??????????????????


Anggun to represent France in 2017? i would love that!

The Brightest Falling Star
The Brightest Falling Star

@Vogzal Odessa

A friend of mine tells me all the time that if Indila represents France in Eurovision, she will win it all for sure 🙂


I love Anggun.

Also, congratulations to the wonderful Natasha St.Pier!

Vogzal Odessa

Angunn was such a great act!! It would be lovely to see her return one day. Florent Pagny as well ; there are so many great pop artists in France! Pity though that their greatest stars don’t seem to be very interested in participating (apart from Patricia Kaas in 2009, still amazing). Personally, I’d love to see Indila for France in future..

Maru fr

Dear Wiwibloggs! Please write article about Hovi and Sanja! I miss them!