Armenia: AMPTV to return to national final with new format

Since 2013, Armenia has used internal selection to choose its artist for Eurovision, but they’re now changing back to a national final for 2017 and have big plans. The talent show Depi Evratesil (To Eurovision) will be a three-month-long competition, open to Armenians and people of Armenian heritage.

As well as confirming their participation in Eurovision 2017, Armenia also revealed their basic plans for the substantial national selection process.

Armenia’s public broadcaster AMPTV have not yet released specifics of the competition, but the information released today suggests that Depi Evratesil will be a singing competition akin to The X Factor or Israel’s The Next Star for Eurovision. It also suggests that the national final will only be used to select the artist, presumedly with the song selected later by the broadcaster.

AMPTV has also revealed that the competition will be open both to Armenian citizens and people of Armenian decent. This takes advantage of the strong Armenian diaspora, as previously seen in the international supergroup Genealogy in 2015. It also means the Kardashians could audition!

The press release reveals that the show will involve Armenia’s previous Eurovision representatives, suggesting they may haveroles similar to the coaches on The Voice. We’d really like to see Aram and Iveta back, among others!

For interested performers, the first step will be to register for an audition. The online registration period opens on Wednesday 6 July, and closes on 25 August. Entrants will be able to register at

Since Armenia’s debut in 2006, they have qualified for the grand final in all but one year. Armenia is considered a strong performer and regularly place on the left-hand side of the scoreboard.

Armenia’s best score recently was Aram MP3, who was a favourite to win in Copenhagen, eventually placing fourth with his dubstep ballad “Not Alone”. Iveta Mukuchyan managed seventh place in Stockholm with her avant-garde R&B performance of “LoveWave”.

Armenia have also won and hosted Junior Eurovision, but they still have their eyes on winning Eurovision and their new national final seems a step towards finding the act that can bring them that much desired victory.

What do you think? Can Depi Evratesil find Armenia a winning performer? Or should they stick to internal selection? Share your thoughts below!