Here for you: Slovenia’s RTVSLO receives 90 applications for EMA 2017

Their two-year qualification streak came to an end in Stockholm, when ManuElla failed to make the final with “Blue and Red”. But Slovenia is back for more, with broadcaster RTVSLO today revealing they have received exactly 90 applications for the 2017 edition of national final EMA.

EMA (Evrovizijska Melodija) has been Slovenia’s method of selection since 1996, except for 2013 when Hannah Mancini was internally selected.

The 90 entries is an increase on the 61 entered in EMA 2016. The songs selected for EMA 2017 will be announced by 9 December.

Broadcaster RTVSLO confirmed the number of entries it has received for EMA 2017, with a post to Facebook celebrating the round number of applications.

We received 90 applications for the selection of EMA 2017. A nice number for a start, isn’t it?

In recent years, EMA has involved just one show. EMA 2016 had 10 entries, but the prior two years had seven and eight finalists. To determine the winner, a three-member expert jury selects the top two songs, which are performed again in a superfinal. The overall winner is then chosen by public televote.

However, earlier in the year it was reported that RTVSLO are looking to change the format of EMA, as part of efforts to improve their outcome at Eurovision. The broadcaster is reportedly thinking of using a multi-week format, similar to the three-month-long Misija Evrovizija (Mission Eurovision) used in 2012.

Giving Lithuania a run for their money in complicated national final formats, Misija Evrovizija used four heats, two quarter-finals, then a series of six X Factor-style elimination rounds. The two top acts — Eva Boto and Nika & Eva Prusnik — then proceeded to the EMA final where they performed three different songs each. The top-voted song for each performer passed to a superfinal, with the overall winner decided by televote. Eva Boto’s ethereal “Verjamem” only placed 17th in her Baku semi-final.

This year’s reborn EMA will also no longer be part of Dnevi Slovenske Zabavne Glasbe, a musical festival that consisted of three evenings: a pop-rock competition, a popevka (Slovenian song) competition and EMA.

What do you think about the proposed changes to EMA? Who would you like to see in the competition? Have your say below!