Depi Evratesil: Lucy and Vahe eliminated in first live show

Depi Evratesil — Armenia’s three-month long national selection for Eurovision 2017 — finally moved its live shows this weekend. With only six contestants still in the running, the competition is getting fierce. And this week two acts had to be cut, taking us down to four.

In this round, the four artists were determined by 50% jury vote and 50% televote. To prevent bias, the star-studded jury panel — each of whom has overseen a handful of acts — did not vote. Instead, nine other professional jurors ranked the six acts, awarding 6 points to their favourite, 5 to their second favourite and so forth. Televoters had 15 minutes to cast their vote after all of the performances.

You can watch this week’s episode in full below.

Marta, the last surviving member of Anush’s team, performed first. She’s been getting stronger throughout the competition and, with several favourites eliminated last week, this seemed like her time to shine. Marta covered Beyonce’s “Naughty Girl” and oozed star power. Setting the bar incredibly high, Marta proved that she is the one to beat. This was arguably the strongest performance of the night and Marta remains the dark horse to win it all.

Arcvik performed next, covering Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt“. She’s always been a huge favourite to win — she previously won in a unanimous vote and has been a consistent performer. Boasting some of the best vocals in the competition, Arcvik slays ballad after ballad. Today was no exception.

Next up was Team Wiwi favourite Egine, who dazzled once again with her cover of Fergie’s “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody“. As usual, Egine was full of energy and packed in some enchanting dance moves. She is here to slay and she did just that.

Fourth up was Lucy, who knocked out Lilit Harutyunyan in a big upset last week. Lucy made the risky decision to sing her own song “Turn Around“. Time would tell if her risk would pay off, but Lucy certainly proved why she deserves her place in the live shows. Lucy has been on our radar since her cover of “Euphoria” and she delivered another powerful performance.

The fifth performer was Suzanna Melkonyan, performing “Je Suis Malade“. Suzanna has the vocals to slay any ballad thrown her way — even in French. But at this stage of the competition vocals alone may not be enough to get an act through.

The last to perform was Vahe Aleksanyan, covering Sam Smith’s “Writing’s on the Wall“. Our readers were upset when Iveta selected Vahe over Hasmik last week. Vahe showed definite signs of improvement as he took on this challenging song. While fans may have hoped to see Hasmik in the live shows, Vahe certainly held his own.

As the voting took place, we were treated to a special guest performance by the runners-up of Junior Eurovision 2016 — Anahit & Mary. Their performance of “Tarber” had all the disco funk realness we saw in Malta. The delightful duo has only grown stronger in the weeks since their smashing performance in Malta.

As the votes were tallied, each contestant performed a duet with their mentor. Egine nailed a Spanish ballad with mentor Hayko. And Vahe and Iveta worked matching urban looks that really stood out in a sea of ballads.

The votes were then revealed, with the Top Four set to advance to next week’s show.

Jury Vote Results:

  1. Marta — 48 points
  2. Vahe Aleksanyan — 33 points
  3. Arcvik — 32 points
  4. Suzanna Melkonyan — 31 points
  5. Egine — 25 points
  6. Lucy — 20 points

Televote Results:

  1. Marta — 49 points
  2. Arcvik — 39 points
  3. Suzanna Melkonyan — 36 points
  4. Egine — 33 points
  5. Lucy — 17 points
  6. Vahe Aleksanyan — 15 points

Combined Results:

  1. Marta — 97 points
  2. Arcvik — 71 points
  3. Suzanna Melkonyan — 67 points
  4. Egine — 58 points
  5. Vahe Aleksanyan — 48 points (Eliminated)
  6. Lucy — 37 points (Eliminated)

Team Wiwi favourite Egine hangs on to fight another day, while Marta went from being the dark horse to the favourite. Interestingly, both Aram MP3 and Iveta Mukuchyan’s teams were eliminated after both sent home big favourites last week.

The gender of Armenia’s representative is also confirmed, with Vahe — the last male contestant — eliminated from the competition. We’re having a girl, y’all!

Will Marta continue to top the leaderboard? Can Egine survive next week? Who will win Depi Evratesil? Let us know in the comments below.

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