kaliopi kesnit chestnuts

She’s the quintessential Macedonian diva, having rocked her way to the grand final of Eurovision 2012 and having returned to the contest this May.

And at the end of November Kaliopi proved that she’s still rocking on outside the Eurovision bubble with the release of “Kesteni” — her first single since Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm.

The single was developed in conjunction with “The Stars Singing The Stars 2” — currently the biggest radio project in the Balkans — in which stars take on iconic hits from other regional heavyweights.

As part of the project, run by “Radio S”, Kaliopi remade Alisa’s 1988 hit, which translates as “Chestnuts”. Kaliopi’s long-time producer and ex-husband Romeo Grill — the man behind her Eurovision songs — arranged and produced the track.

The song carries the edgy female rock vibe of her previous work. Like “Crno I Belo” and “Pozeli”, it’s a powerful song that goes heavy on the guitar and percussion to create something rowdy, raucous and yet totally controlled. Kaliopi doesn’t know how to disappoint!

In a message sent to wiwibloggs, Kaliopi made it clear she’s happy with the result. She said:

The video for the song “Kesteni” has an unique energy that is inspired by the essence of the song. We managed to make a complete audio-visual story. The reactions from my friends, coworkers, and my fans are great, everyone is indeed pleased. I’m especially glad that the author of the song, Miroslav Zivanovic-Pile from the band Alisa, is thrilled with the remake. We succeeded to make a cover that will continue the spirit of the song and that will make “Kesteni” to remain in the music history forever.

Ahead of the release she teased the single by posting a playful Instagram snap of her holding a handful of nuts. A girl needs her protein!

So what do you think of Kaliopi’s new single? Is it the perfect holiday treat? Let us know in the comment section below…

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7 years ago

amazing voice.love her. and the song is a jam.

7 years ago

Dona done Dona dona Dina donuuuuuut!!!