Romania: TVR calls for submissions ahead of Selectia Nationala 2017

Romania‘s public broadcaster TVR is trying to put the nightmare that was 2016 to rest. After taking a one-year EBU imposed break, Romania is returning to the Eurovision stage and TVR today revealed its plans for Selectia Nationala 2017. Like last year, the winner will be decided in a National Final by 100% televote — on 5 March.

The official announcement was made via a video by Paula Seling and Ovi:

Selectia Nationala 2017 will proceed as follows:

  • Call for submissions: 20 December – 22 January. Like in previous years, foreign artists and bands are welcome to apply, either as a separate act or in collaboration with Romanian counterparts.
  • Preselection: 25-27 January. Each act will perform their song in front of the five-member jury and the public. The auditions will be recorded and afterwards broadcast on TVR as a standalone show called Euroshow. Fifteen songs will be selected by the jury for the live semi-final. The semi-finalists will be announced by 15 February at the latest.
  • Semi-final (live show): 26 February. Ten songs will advance to the National Final based on 100% jury votes.
  • National Final (live show): 5 March.  The winner will be decided based on 100% televote.

While the preselection will take place at TVR studios in Bucharest, the location of the live shows has not yet been decided. In previous years, TVR selected the host city by weighing different bids. In 2014, the NF took place in Brasov. The 2015 NF was held in Craiova, while the 2016 semi-final and final took place in Baia Mare. Last year, Transylvanian capital Cluj Napoca was especially interested in hosting Selectia Nationala, so we might see them apply again this year.

Like last year, Iuliana Marciuc will be head of delegation.

Romania is one of the few countries which, barring its absence last year, has always managed to qualify for the Grand Final at Eurovision. However, it is the only one of these well-performing countries that has never won the contest. In 2016, the EBU withdrew the country from participating, despite already having selected its participant, due to debts that had not been paid by TVR. Meanwhile, the Government agreed to pay the public broadcaster’s debts and TVR is one again a full member of the European Broadcasting Union.

Ovidiu Anton, the singer who won last year’s Selectia Nationala with “Moment of Silence” and missed the chance to perform on the Eurovision stage in Stockholm, has said that he is no longer interested in the contest.

Are you looking forward to Selectia Nationala? Do you still have high hopes for Romania at Eurovision?


Photo: TVR