Get your passport ready, book your flights and get ready for some Baltic realness because the Eurovision Pre-Party Riga 2017 is on! Once again, Eurovision hopefuls will turn up and turn out in Latvia’s capital city to kick off the 2017 Eurovision promo tour. The all-important date is Saturday, March 25.

The Crystall Club Concert Hall will get glamorous, glittery and colorful while channeling some Ukrainian culture heritage, making it an unforgettable start on the road to Kyiv.

As usual, Eurovision 2017 acts will stop by, perform and promote their entries and meet with press — often for the first time.

The party will kick off at 20:00 but doors will open one hour earlier if you wanna rub shoulders with other Eurovision fans or just breathe in and feel the excitement. Ticket prices range from €19 to €290 — if you want to get up close and personal with the stars — and you can buy them here.

“I’m glad to invite all Eurovision fans to join us in Riga for a great PreParty!” says Miroslavs Kodis, OGAE Latvia president. “Riga is the first place where Eurovision musicians meet and it’s always a good start for their journey.”

Last year, we brought you candid and crazy interviews with Ira Losco way before knowing she was expecting her child. Barei tried to teach wiwiblogger Padraig her fancy dance moves, but failed miserably. Juri Pootsman was all over the Baltic Boys hype and Poli Genova was kind and generous as usual.

What is in it for us this year? We don’t have to wait that long. The date is set and we are ready to slay — the Baltic way. Are you joining OGAE Latvia for the start of the promo tour? Tell us below!

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Hey, does anyone could tell me what is the best ticket to buy?:) I am from Poland, I want to come! But is it worth it or better to pick other city?:)

an esc fan

I like the press conferences when all the artists are at the same table. They pass the microphone from one another, but is interesting to see how they react, who is shy, who likes/dislikes who, …

esc fan europe

To: Vladimir Putin a.k.a. the ULTIMATE thug of the Universe
It means you haven’t been in Riga last year. PreParty in Riga was one of the Best in 2016! Management is The Best! Sound great! PreParty in Riga is more close&personal than others! Would definitely go this year!

Vladimir Putin a.k.a. the ULTIMATE thug of the Universe
Vladimir Putin a.k.a. the ULTIMATE thug of the Universe

The worst preparty in 2016 was Riga’s. Horrible sound and poor management.

Purple Mask

Well I was going to be at the London party, but we’re still being told to wait for information on it!
This at a time of heavy transport strikes in the UK, and moan moan Brexit moan!!
Latvia is the other side of Europe, but its event is starting to look more enticing with every passing day!

an esc fan

I’m happy that Riga is hosting a pre-party another year. Can’t wait for songs, interviews, press conference and all the videos that will show how the artists interact with each other. Hope will be an enjoyable group like ”the class of 2016”.