Poll results: Calidora should win Heat One of Hungary’s A Dal 2017

A Dal 2017, the national selection for Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest, kicks off tonight in Budapest with its first heat — and 10 very ambitious acts. So two days ago we launched a flash poll on wiwibloggs to determine which six acts should qualify for the semi-finals. Hungary have faired consistently well since their return to the contest in 2011 – making the final every single year. Who of these acts has what it takes to take Hungary back to the final?

After counting 1,472 votes, we can now reveal that Calidora has come out on top with “Glory”. She earned 318 votes (around 22% of the total). The mid-tempo electro ballad, one of the few performed in English in this heat,  showcases Calidora’s beautifully breathy vocals.

Dávid Henderson came second in the poll with his song “White Shadows”. Voters seemed to dig his pop-drop filled electro-rock track “White Shadows”, which earned  306 votes — just 12 fewer than Calidora.

Third place went to A Dal returnees and 2017 favourites Spoon 21 with their song “Deák”. Their entry rides the radio-friendly 2017 wave, serving up some Years and Years realness. Their spunky looks combined with a much more mature sound than their last effort in A Dal earned them 303 votes, or 21% of the total.

Normally we would only recap the top three in our poll, but Benji deserves a special shout-out for his song “Karcok”, as he only just missed out on the top three. His powerful ballad, which combines a Troye Sivan-esque electronic sound, scored well with voters, receiving 289 votes, or 20% of the total vote.


  1. Calidora with “Glory” – 318 votes (22%)
  2. Dávid Henderson with “White Shadows” – 306 votes (21%)
  3. Spoon 21 with “Deák” – 303 votes (21%)
  4. Benji with “Karcok” – 289 votes (20%)
  5. Viki Singh with “Rain” – 84 votes (6%)
  6. Leander Kills with “Élet” – 48 votes (3%)
  7. Rocktenors with “Osz” – 43 votes (3%)
  8. Kata Csondor with “Create” – 31 votes (2%)
  9. Roma Soul with “Nyitva a ház” – 29 votes (2%)
  10. The Wings with “Mint a hurrikán” – 21 votes (1%)