Nathan Trent Austria Running on Air

He was one of the 33 hopefuls in Germany’s Eurovision selection for 2017, but back in December Austria suddenly nominated him as their representative for Kyiv. Now newcomer Nathan Trent from Vienna confirmed that his Eurovision song will be revealed on 28 February.

Last weekend Nathan was a star guest at the Kristallzauber open-air concert at Seefeld, Austria. The temperature was a wintery 10-degrees below zero, but Nathan still managed to impress the audience with his own songs. On the red carpet, journalists of course wanted to know more about his song for Kyiv. Nathan replied:

“The song will be released on 28 February. Until then nothing will be disclosed. But as its a self-penned song. I know it by heart already.”

But Nathan wasn’t the only Eurovision star attending the Kristallzauber concert. Irish Eurovision legend Johnny Logan also took the stage and delivered his Eurovision-winning song “Hold Me Now”.

Speaking to local media, he complained about the freezing weather in a very unusual way: by admitting that a certain body part was shrinking because of the cold! Too much information, Johnny!

Austria at Eurovision 2017

Austria won Eurovision back in 2014 and managed to qualify for the grand final again last year in Stockholm. Austrian broadcaster ORF of course wants to continue this story of success — and they are taking it seriously.

Only weeks after Eurovision 2016 was over, ORF confirmed that they would internally select their representative and song for Ukraine. After months of speculation, ORF chose newcomer Nathan Trent as their singer for Kyiv.

But it was not without controversy. Fans immediately noticed that Nathan was also one of the artists shortlisted for Germany’s national final. German broadcaster NDR confirmed they’d known about Nathan’s bid in his home country and were fine with him representing Austria.

Watching Nathan’s latest music video “Like It Is”, we can’t help but getting some Austrian Justin Timberlake vibes. Of course, Nathan is a newcomer and is not as experienced as Mr Sexyback, but their musical styles are definitely very similar. Maybe broadcaster ORF was inspired by Justin’s performance during last year’s Grand Final in Stockholm.

What do you think? Will Nathan give us an R&B song for Kyiv? Do you like the fact he wrote his Eurovision song himself? Let us know in the comment section below!


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Charli Cheer Up

He can dance really well. Might be an interesting presentation for the song entry at the ESC stage!

Purple Mask

Johnny Logan was at the Kristallzauber? That’s… interesting.
I have to admit I’m rather distracted by Nathan Trent’s looks and dancing moves. But trying to be a professional about his voice – it’s quite a nasal mid-range sound. He does have a really good falsetto though; he could do a soul or funk number quite easily I think. He’s definitely a contender this year, and needs an upbeat song to show off the best of him (both vocally and physically [dancing I mean]).


He is indeed vanilla but he can bring fresh and unique sound if he has the support of ORF. He’s got some nice moves.


Nathan is an attractive redhead. Definitely a candidate for the hottest contestant (also Lucie and Demy, so far). Will the song be any good? Hmm… who knows. I have a hunch it will be in English, but I would really, really like to hear German again in the contest!


he’s too vanilla. i cant–