They’re the country that has placed last at Eurovision in the past two years. Now German broadcaster ARD has revealed the 33 singers in the running for Germany‘s revamped national final in February.

Unser Song 2017 has a focus on matching up-and-coming young German singers with top quality songs. Public applications took place earlier this year, with almost 2500 young singers applying online or in person at the audition sessions in Hamburg and Cologne.

This was whittled down to the top 33, and on the weekend these singers auditioned again in Cologne. A jury assessed the singers, with representatives from the broadcasters NDR and ARD, production company Raab TV, as well as musical experts.

The jury now has to select just five singers to participate in the revamped national final on 9 February. The panel is looking for personality as well as singing ability.

The list of 33 does not feature any established stars, but a few acts have previous experience on television talent shows.

  • Kai Schernbeck auditioned for The Voice of Germany earlier this year, but neither of them could inspire any judges to turn around. Sina Rösener also suffered the same fate in her 2013 The Voice audition.
  • Elvira Michieva competed in the fifth German series of Popstars in 2006. While she was eliminated, she and two others were put together as the short-lived girl group Bisou. In 2010, as Elli Mishiyeva, she competed in the Azerbaijan national final with the song “Up, Up”.
  • In 2014, Felicia Lu Kürbiß was a contestant on the Germany talent show Rising Star.

Unser Song 2017 – shortlist

Click on each name for a video of the artist doing a “speed dating” Q&A – in German.

  1. Alessandro Capasso
  2. Alex Scuderi
  3. Anja Licht
  4. Axel Feige
  5. Beccy
  6. Coopa
  7. Elvira Michieva
  8. Felicia Lu Kürbiß
  9. Florian Brückl
  10. Helene Nissen
  11. Jo Marie Dominiak
  12. Kai Schernbeck
  13. Leonie Krakowski
  14. Levina
  15. Lisa Toh
  16. Luisa Skrabic
  17. Makeda Michalke
  18. Marvin Schloßhauer
  19. Mary-Anne Bröllochs
  20. Max-Antoine Meisters
  21. Meg Pfeiffer
  22. Nathan Trent
  23. Nila
  24. Patrice Gerlach
  25. Paul Köninger
  26. Philipp Ostendorf
  27. Sadi
  28. Sihna Maagé
  29. Sina Rösener
  30. Susanna Okonowski
  31. Sven Lüchtenborg
  32. Taylor Luc Jacobs
  33. Yosefin Buohler

At the grand final on 9 February, fans have speculated that the artist and song will be chosen separately. This is similar to the 2010 national final where audiences could vote for “Satellite” sung by either Lena or Jennifer Braun.

The five lucky singers will perform songs written for Eurovision. The broadcaster earlier said they were looking for top quality songs from both German and international songwriters.

What do you think? Can Unser Song 2017 find a good singer for Germany? Who are your favourites? Share your thoughts below!


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5 years ago

I like the 18 – Marvin Schloßhauer

5 years ago

Eh, this doesn’t look attracting enough to dig how they’re on voices, esp reminding that sometimes you can topple down voice with weak and oblivious song.

Purple Mask
Purple Mask
5 years ago

Germany’s win in 1982 (Nicole) will always resonate with me. Ever since then Germany has struggled, with the strange exceptions of Lena and Roman Lob. (Even the great Cascada struggled in the results!) Although I find Lena encaptivating on her own, I wasn’t a big fan ‘Satelite’ as a song, hence why I thought her win was strange… Moving on to 2017, what does Germany have to do? Find an exciting good singer with a good song. Really it’s the songwriting that needs to be stepped up a bit – they have relied on rhythmical and melodic hooks for far… Read more »

5 years ago

I really dont understand Germany. They have so many established artists like Xavier Naidoo, Unheilig, Avantasia, Sohne Mannheims and they want to sing on ESC, if they participate in national finals. But solidary Germans voted for new faces like Elaiza, Ann Sophie, Jamie Lee. Not for their music, but because they wanted to give chance for new people. And they were last two years ago. And now? They are searching new artists again. Send your best bands from national finals 2013-2016 in next years without national finals and you will have best results.

5 years ago

@Robyn: In that case, they would have been better off casting someone people know more of, like Madeline Juno, who is 21 now.

5 years ago

Fair point, but maybe they have improved in the years in between

5 years ago

Not to be a downer, but if 2 of the entrants profiled above couldn’t get thru the first round of The Voice, wouldn’t that suggest they…..aren’t very good? After the last two years I’d think Germany would try very hard to send the absolute best they can, but maybe the bad streak has hurt the ability to get the best people to enter. I hope they do better this year and get that confidence back!

5 years ago

They need something more outstanding musically this year….Songs like “Ghost” and “Black Smoke” were nice mainstream pop to me. But not remarkable much for attention to grab votes….A bit anomyous musically….so they got lost in the crowd with so many songs. I hope for something more “daring” musically. Which will make them stand out more. Rock, indie, ethno, jazz…whatever. A more unusual style of music. Might be their way t success. Talentshows are OK. But I have to say Germany have some GREAT and more ESTABLISHED bands. I esp. LOVE Sportsfreude Stiller 😀 Great feelgood indie /pprock…JUST my taste. Would… Read more »

5 years ago

How come Germany’s looking for singers who are at least 18? I thought the minimum age for Eurovision was 16! 🙁

Polegend Godgarina
5 years ago

Is it just me or this lineup lacks… diversity? They just chose a bunch of solo pretty faces, none of which really stands out so far.