Slovenia: RTVSLO reveals semi-final results of EMA 2017

After Slovenia decided that Omar Naber is on his way to Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv last night, broadcaster RTV Slovenija has today revealed the full results from both semi-finals of EMA 2017, which took place on February 17 and 18.

We already know a 50/50 combination of televoting and regional juries was used in the final. For both semi-finals, the two acts with the highest televotes qualified, followed by another two ranked next highest under the jury votes.

EMA 2017 semi-final jury panel

Two of Slovenia’s former Eurovision representatives were part of a seven-member jury panel involved at both semi-finals. They were Rebeka Dremelj from 2008 and Eva Boto from 2012.

  • Mistermarsh
  • Alenka Godec
  • Rebeka Dremelj
  • Patrik Greblo
  • Eva Boto
  • Jernej Dirnbek
  • Anika Horvat

EMA 2017 first semi-final results

Eventual winner Omar Naber came out on top of both televoting and the juries, while Sell Out finished second on televoting to reach the final. KiNG FOO and Nika Zorjan also qualified as the juries ranked them second and third highest respectively.


  1. Omar Naber
  2. Sell Out
  3. Tosca Beat
  4. Nika Zorjan
  5. Lea Sirk
  6. Alya
  7. Zala
  8. KiNG FOO


  1. Omar Naber
  2. KiNG FOO
  3. Nika Zorjan
  4. Lea Sirk
  5. Tosca Beat
  6. Alya
  7. Zala
  8. Sell Out

EMA 2017 second semi-final results

BQL — a firm favourite with the Wiwi Jury and our readers — came out on top of televoting, only to finish third under the juries. Nuška Drašcek finish second on televoting to reach the final, and she also came out on top with the juries. Tim Kores and Raiven were ranked as the second and fourth highest respectively to reach the final under the jury votes.


  1. BQL
  2. Nuška Drašcek
  3. Raiven
  4. Tim Kores
  5. Ina Shai
  6. Kataya & Duncan Kamakana
  7. United Pandaz & Arsello feat. Alex Volasko
  8. Clemens


  1. Nuška Drašcek
  2. Tim Kores
  3. BQL
  4. Raiven
  5. Ina Shai
  6. Clemens
  7. United Pandaz & Arsello feat. Alex Volasko
  8. Kataya & Duncan Kamakana

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Photo: RTV Slovenija