Alma is our readers’ favourite Eurovision 2017 act so far (February 26)

She asks you to “tell me that you love me” and y’all are showing that love right now! On February 20, we asked you who your favourite Eurovision 2017 act was so far in our latest poll. With a staggering 14,646 votes cast, the results are in.

It’s vive la France, as Alma is your number one right now with “Requiem”!

The French singer — who performed her song at the Ukraine final — received 2,578 votes in total. That works out as over 17.5% of the vote and is a great early vote of confidence in France, who are looking to improve even further on their top ten placing last year.

We’ve yet to see just where Alma will slot in the small amount of English to her song, but it’s unlikely to make a huge impact, we suspect. Could it even further her support in future polls?

Second place is in our poll goes to Italy’s Francesco Gabbani. The bookmakers early favourite to win Eurovision 2017, Francesco has confirmed that “Occidentali’s Karma” will remain 100% in Italian. He’s picked up support from the man who inspired his song, as well as 15% of your votes (2,201 in total).

Taking third place is Polish beauty, Kasia Mos. The “Flashlight” singer returned to win Krajowe Eliminacje at her second attempt, with plenty of support from her fans. They’re clearly still behind her as well, as she received just shy of 13% of the vote, with 1,856 votes cast in her name.

Fourth place goes to Hungary’s Joci Papai, whilst fifth goes to another of the “Big Five”, the UK’s Lucie Jones. Both acts finished incredibly close to each other, receiving around 10% of the vote each.

Unfortunately, it’s Germany’s Levina who takes last place in our poll this week. “Perfect Life” clearly doesn’t sound that perfect to y’all, as she received just 1% of the total votes cast, even with the song’s music video being released.

Poll Results: Who is your favourite Eurovision 2017 act so far (February 20)

  1. France: Alma, “Requiem” — 17.6% (2,578 votes)
  2. Italy: Francesco Gabbani, “Occidentali’s Karma” — 15.03% (2,201 votes)
  3. Poland: Kasia Mos, “Flashlight” 12.67% — (1,856 votes)
  4. Hungary: Joci Papai, “Origo” — 10.6% (1,552 votes)
  5. United Kingdom: Lucie Jones, “Never Give Up on You” — 10.25% (1,501 votes)
  6. Switzerland: Timebelle, “Apollo” — 7.46% (1,092 votes)
  7. Georgia: Tako Gachechiladze, “Keep the Faith” — 7.3% (1,069 votes)
  8. Finland: Norma John, “Blackbird” — 6.51% (954 votes)
  9. Belarus: NAVIBAND, “Historyja majho zyccia” — 3.91% (572 votes)
  10. Albania: Lindita, “Botë” (World) — 2.77% (406 votes)
  11. Spain: Manel Navarro, “Do It For Your Lover” — 2.22% (325 votes)
  12. Malta: Claudia Faniello, “Breathlessly” — 2.21% (324 votes)
  13. Germany: Levina, “Perfect Life” — 1.47% (216 votes)

Total votes: 14,646

We’ll be opening our next vote tomorrow, where the likes of Denmark, Latvia and Moldova will join in amongst others. Will we have a new act topping the poll next week?

Is Alma your favourite act so far, or do you think another act should be on top? Shout out your thoughts on the wiwibloggs app, or let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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