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She asks you to “tell me that you love me” and y’all are showing that love right now! On February 20, we asked you who your favourite Eurovision 2017 act was so far in our latest poll. With a staggering 14,646 votes cast, the results are in.

It’s vive la France, as Alma is your number one right now with “Requiem”!

The French singer — who performed her song at the Ukraine final — received 2,578 votes in total. That works out as over 17.5% of the vote and is a great early vote of confidence in France, who are looking to improve even further on their top ten placing last year.

We’ve yet to see just where Alma will slot in the small amount of English to her song, but it’s unlikely to make a huge impact, we suspect. Could it even further her support in future polls?

Second place is in our poll goes to Italy’s Francesco Gabbani. The bookmakers early favourite to win Eurovision 2017, Francesco has confirmed that “Occidentali’s Karma” will remain 100% in Italian. He’s picked up support from the man who inspired his song, as well as 15% of your votes (2,201 in total).

Taking third place is Polish beauty, Kasia Mos. The “Flashlight” singer returned to win Krajowe Eliminacje at her second attempt, with plenty of support from her fans. They’re clearly still behind her as well, as she received just shy of 13% of the vote, with 1,856 votes cast in her name.

Fourth place goes to Hungary’s Joci Papai, whilst fifth goes to another of the “Big Five”, the UK’s Lucie Jones. Both acts finished incredibly close to each other, receiving around 10% of the vote each.

Unfortunately, it’s Germany’s Levina who takes last place in our poll this week. “Perfect Life” clearly doesn’t sound that perfect to y’all, as she received just 1% of the total votes cast, even with the song’s music video being released.

Poll Results: Who is your favourite Eurovision 2017 act so far (February 20)

  1. France: Alma, “Requiem” — 17.6% (2,578 votes)
  2. Italy: Francesco Gabbani, “Occidentali’s Karma” — 15.03% (2,201 votes)
  3. Poland: Kasia Mos, “Flashlight” 12.67% — (1,856 votes)
  4. Hungary: Joci Papai, “Origo” — 10.6% (1,552 votes)
  5. United Kingdom: Lucie Jones, “Never Give Up on You” — 10.25% (1,501 votes)
  6. Switzerland: Timebelle, “Apollo” — 7.46% (1,092 votes)
  7. Georgia: Tako Gachechiladze, “Keep the Faith” — 7.3% (1,069 votes)
  8. Finland: Norma John, “Blackbird” — 6.51% (954 votes)
  9. Belarus: NAVIBAND, “Historyja majho zyccia” — 3.91% (572 votes)
  10. Albania: Lindita, “Botë” (World) — 2.77% (406 votes)
  11. Spain: Manel Navarro, “Do It For Your Lover” — 2.22% (325 votes)
  12. Malta: Claudia Faniello, “Breathlessly” — 2.21% (324 votes)
  13. Germany: Levina, “Perfect Life” — 1.47% (216 votes)

Total votes: 14,646

We’ll be opening our next vote tomorrow, where the likes of Denmark, Latvia and Moldova will join in amongst others. Will we have a new act topping the poll next week?

Is Alma your favourite act so far, or do you think another act should be on top? Shout out your thoughts on the wiwibloggs app, or let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Leandrit Ferizi

She deserves it. Amazing song and voice


Italy and Spain, my favourites. ;D

@ Victor Trammell No, is not about politic, what politic? Germany is the center of Europe and the center of European Union. Do you know that are countries (on continent Europe) where people have died and are willing to die in the future, only to be in EU, because for them is a question of life and dead????? If Germany gives up EU everything will be lost for so many countries. For Eurovision you just have to send an artist with a vision and to do whatever he/she wants. Don’t start from the song, start from the artist. I wish… Read more »
I love the monkey

Para su información, los aficionados Españoles estamos centrados en limpiar de RTVE de los personajes que no aman la musica ni la participación de Spain en ESC, este año ha caído Federico llano y espero que sirva para la un cambio de rumbo, le parace bien?

Victor Trammell

Germany’s song is quite good and very underated once again. Public opinion is influenced by negative press info. Is it hatrid and politically motivated? I believe so. Such a shame in today’s world..


I don’t quite get the love for Poland, to be honest.
Spain is still my favorite. Yes, I just said that.


I love the French and the Italian songs.My 2 favourites for the moment.



LOL the self-centered Poles


1. Belarus
2. Italy
3. France (although I’m not convinced by the live version)
4. Finland

[Huge gap]

5. Ukraine
6. Hungary
7. Moldova
8. Slovenia
9. Denmark
10. Austria
11. Latvia

[Huge gap]

12. Albania (screaming/moaning woman #1)
13. Spain
14. Poland (screaming/moaning woman #2)
15. Switzerland
16. Germany
17. UK (screaming/moaning woman #3)
18. Malta (screaming/moaning woman #4)
19. Georgia (screaming/moaning woman #5)


It was Kasia’s third time in our national final. It cleary show that you dont care about Poland and it is sad…


France is going to be one of those cases of leading fans favorite polls, and then finishing 23rd. And it deserves nothing higher than that. Horribly boring song, tasteless fans.


I see the Spanish fans aren’t really behind their song like other years.

Very pleased with France been the favorite here.
Go Alma, Go France.

Alma’s song is like Indila’s Derniere Dance, which is great, i’m not saying that is copy. What I want to say is : do you think that Indila sings good live? I saw with my own eyes that at one of her concerts she was boo-ed and Indila went backstage and cried. In my opinion she is not at fault. The problem is that nowadays studio versions are over produced, and audience has false expectations. Stop creating studio versions that are too good and unrealistic, that will never sound the same live. This is also for Mirela from Spain with… Read more »

Good to see the song “Origo” getting recognition.

My top picks at the moment
1. Italy

The Orinoco Child

Finally a poll at Wiwibloggs that is not rigged with the two most decent songs at the top – though I think Italy is slightly better than France – and the three worst songs rightfully at the bottom.

@Nitzan Not Sweden – seriously? Ace, Wiktoria and Nano all have fantastic songs and even Loreen’s one is not too bad. Most of “direct to final” Melodifestivalen songs are better than most of the actual Eurovision songs.


@Nitzan, yes i see her during the ukranian final, it was really good, of course, is not perfect, but watch again, her first live, and how much she improve in only one month !!! with 2 more month, she will be ready. She need to relax too.

And for days after days, we know more about her staging, and the revamped song, i think she can give another top 10 to France, maybe top 5. Winning ? we will see that after her first rehearsal in may 🙂


Come on guys, have you seen Alma perform this song?

It’s really sweet and she is very pretty and charming but placing it over Italy?

Right now Italy is leading by a mile for me and it will take a smash hit from other countries to beat it at the ESC. Looks like it will not be Sweden.


Mine plus for revamp of Germany song. This one is so basic, without build up and arrangement progression. Haven’t heard about plans to make it tho.

As of ballads, I’m not listening those at all, but Blackbird’s as classy lullaby pleases me efficiently to send a vote. Current Georgia and Albania actually aren’t forgetful, least to say. There’re some strong haters on their same messages but as they aren’t leading anywhere now the peak won’t reach Jamala’s story.


Wow, Germany last again. If they can’t do it, why don’t they send a foreigner like Switzerland does : Canada (Rykka 2016), Romania (Timebelle 2017) This German agony is painful to watch.

Charli Cheer Up

Notice how Lucie Jones’ started this trend of female balladeers ever since she was selected? interesting..

Love Lucie from the uk ! Hoping for a good result this year be far the best ballads with Finland ! Love France and like most of them I’m not a ballad hating fan like the rest seem to be! I really don’t get Italy ?? Wish I could join in but I just can’t ! His tone of singing annoys me and well I cringe at the dancing ! And Belarus if I wanted to go hear native Indian music I’ll watch popcahantus ???????? awful awful awful ! Spain and do one I’m not a fan of rigging !… Read more »

Italy, France, Denmark and Latvia are for now my favourites. But I’m looking forward to be amazed by russian song. I believe they will send something brilliant!


Francesco Gabbani remains my fav by far, followed by Alma and Naviband. I find the majority of the ballads boring, flat, uninspiring or dated. Sunstroke Project and Anja Nissen have moved into my top 10 ahead of those. Manel and Levina remain at the bottom of the totem pole for now. 🙂


Well, my winner is Italy and then France and Poland. Their songs are great. I also like the UK’s song. And, on the other side, I’d love to see the Eurovision Song Contest in one of these countries finally. So, good luck to all of you! 🙂


Francesco wli be in TOP 5 in final, and Amina wili be flop in final like Italy 2016, I predict for France from 16 to 21 place in final.

Austrian Ari
Italy, Malta and Belarus are my favorite acts so far. Slovenia and Denmark my favorite singers who I’m rooting for in spite of their lackluster songs. The same counts for the UK, to some extent. Georgia and Albania annoy the hell out of me. GOOD ballads are basically all I ever listen to, but the kitsch and cliché trash those two countries are sending this year is just insufferable to me. Germany is heading for the third last place in a row, that’s quite an accomplishment for such a big country that could soooo easily send something good. I feel… Read more »
Tomas Patrick Davitt

Germany and Malta – you HAVE to revamp

Bob Boa

Looks like another 0 point entry for Germany.

Leo M

Italy is still by far my favourite with France second I don’t really care about the rest but Belarus and Germany are growing on me