Austria: Nathan Trent to sing “Running on Air” at Eurovision 2017

He is the artist who was internally selected by ORF to represent Austria at Eurovision 2017. Now just days before Nathan Trent‘s self-written Eurovision entry is due to released, the title of the song has been revealed. Nathan will sing “Running on Air” in Kyiv.

Nathan hasn’t dropped any hints about his song, but several sources, including Austrian newspaper Der Standard, are reporting that the title of Austria’s Eurovision 2017 entry will be “Running on Air”. At the end of January, Nathan revealed that he had written the song himself — and that’s all we know for now.

But we won’t need to wait for long to actually hear the song. The song will be presented on the morning show of Ö3 — ORF’s radio station — on Tuesday, February 28. There is a chance that the single will also drop on Spotify at midnight, so keep your eyes on that as well.

While being busy preparing for Eurovision, Nathan had some time to grab a very glam selfie with Austria’s latest Eurovision singer Zoë at the legendary Vienna Opera Ball. It’s the same event the event San Marino’s Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini also attended in their Eurovision 2015 postcard.

Back in December, Nathan was announced as Austria’s pick for Eurovision 2017. Nathan was also one of the 33 acts shortlisted for Germany’s Unser Song 2017. But after being selected by ORF, he withdrew from the German selection.

After having poor results at Eurovision, Austria made a spectacular comeback in 2014 when the bearded diva Conchita Wurst won with “Rise Like a Phoenix”. In 2015, The Makemakes did the complete opposite, scoring the dreaded nil points with “I’m Yours”. In Stockholm, Zoë made good with the delightful “Loin d’ici”.

And now it’s Nathan Trent’s turn. In May he will take to the stage in Kyiv with “Running on Air” and Austria will again hope that he can win over Europe for a spot in the grand final.

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