Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen 2017 Loreen De Vet Du Boris Rene Lisa Ajax

Thus far in Melodifestivalen 2017 eight acts have qualified direct to the final, twelve acts have been eliminated and eight more are hanging on for dear life. The last group will sing-it-out for survival next weekend at Andra Chansen in Linköping.

On Saturday, right after the fourth semi-final finished, SVT revealed the four duels for next weeks’s Second Chance round. The winner of each duel will go on to compete in the final.

Below you can check out each head-to-head duel. Then vote in our polls.



No women allowed! Or so it goes in this heat which sees the boy band formerly known as The Fooo Conspiracy taking on YouTube stars De Vet Du.


He placed fourth on his season of Idol and she won hers. He’s a debuting act, she’s a former finalist. Who has the edge?


Boris advanced from Andra Chansen last year. Dismissed will taste their Second Chance for the first time.


She’s a Eurovision winner. He’s an 18-year-old upstart. But is this as clear cut as we all think?

What do you think of the Andra Chansen duels? Are you worried that your favourites are being put up against each other? Let us know in the comments section below and on our Twitter page as well. And don’t forget to download our app for a chance to win a free trip to Ukraine for Eurovision 2017!

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[…] Melodifestivalen 2017: Who should win each Andra Chansen duel? […]


Based on my taste:
Duel 1: FO&O (6/10) over De Vet Du (5/10)
Duel 2: Lisa Ajax (7/10) over Axel Schylstrom (6/10)
Duel 3: Dismissed (6/10) over Boris Rene (6/10)
Duel 4: Loreen (9/10) over Anton Hagman (6/10)
How I predict it will go:
Duel 1 : Probably FO&O, but not a sure victory
Duel 2: Probably Lisa Ajax , also not sure
Duel 3: The most unpredictable, I think Sweden will go for Boris though
Duel 4: The most predictable. Loreen will head to the final with almost no doubt.


I have a bad feeling – I think that Loreen will losers on sutarday.
Anton came closer to Lorreen on spotyfy chart 27/2. They are close now.

Duel 1 – De vet du: Thier song is fun, entertaining and catchy. They have unique style and their performance is hilarious. Duel 2 – Axel Schylström: He has a nice voice and brave story behind him. His song makes me wanna dance on the water! Duel 3 – Boris Rene: He is the most charismatic singer on Melodifestivalen. He looks so natural on stage. His voice is unique and the song brings me good vibes and makes me wanna join. Duel 4 – Loreen: She is Loreen, so she propably will go to final. The performance sold the song,… Read more »

This is what I think the semifinal results are:


3rd-Boris Renè
4th-De Vet Du


3rd-Lisa Ajax


4th-Anton Haggman


4th-Axel Schylström

Which gives us:

FO&O (3rd) vs De Vet Du (4th)
Axel Schylström (4th) vs Lisa Ajax (3rd)
Boris Renè (3rd) vs Dismissed (4th)
Anton Haggman (4th) vs Loreen (3rd)

Make sense, doesn’t it? I don’t know why they even bother to keep the results secret, they are so obvious 🙂


Duel 1: FO&O
Duel 2: Lisa Ajax
Duel 3: Dismissed
Duel 4: Loreen

is what I’d like it to be but honestly, duels 1-3 can go either way, I don’t think Anton stands a chance agains Loreen though (which is a shame because his song isn’t bad).


I truly believe that Loreen is going to win her duel, yes Anton has teenage girls, but you’re severely overestimating them + not every teenage girl likes that sort of music.

The teenyboppers couldn’t get him into the final, you’re overestimating that they will now

Mert Aydinel

Oh man oh man oh man oh man AMEN.
This is a manifest to beginning of a new era.
I am convinced and need no #STATEMENTS.
I forgot to breathe for 3 minutes.

it appears that many fans are looking for the “Euphoria” in the “Statements”, which is utterly wrong and absurd. The fact that Loreen competes with a completely different style of song is clear proof that she is very experienced as both singer and performer and can shift through genres. “Euphoria” was a generic and more commercial song, whereas “Statements” is rather more artistic and indeed trying to make a statement. They are composed by composers with very different styles, thus the absurdity of comparing the one to the other. What we saw last night from Loreen was pure art and… Read more »

I disallow you from going on a Wiwi sabbatical. :-!
People giving such comments are called trolls and you’re not supposed to take it to your heart.


@ExoFan the women were parts of Loreen, Young girl, old lady Loreen, etc. if you google some of Loreens interviews she goes into extraordinary detail about it. But they included lots of Statements (Polish lady throwing bag at Neo-Nazi’s, Flags of French Revolution, and the beginning is another but I forgot).

Basically she included lots of images that created Statements in history to her song. And the idea of the song is we don’t need your statements (ala countries who try to make peace but end up in wars (think of Trump)).


dismissed and loreen are all i care about
my two faves in andra chansen 🙁 bummer


Duel 1: I have no idea! Probably I’d pick FO&O.
Duel 2: This is also a tough one! I’m not a fan of Lisa’s song, so I’ll go with Axel.
Duel 3: I like both songs. But Rene should go to the final! Sorry!
Duel 4: There’s no question about it: Loreen!


Purple Mask,

I never would have considered you a troll, and I’d be mighty surprised if anybody else did either. However, if you are truly taking anonymous comments to heart, then maybe a break is best. You need to be made of tough stuff in any internet forum. All the best.

This is so much more difficult to predict than last year so I won’t do a clear prediction. 1: FO&O: they’re both popular but I think they must choose for the more serious song. Teenager fangirls are going to vote for FO&O. I’m also rooting for them because I can’t stand Roadtrip as a song, the performance is likeable. 2: Axel: I don’t think Lisa is really popular this year and the song of Axel is one of my favourites and stands out in comparising to her, her song is well produced but feels flat and egocentric (with the visuals).… Read more »
Álex, from Spain

1. Just BOTH!
2. None of them…
3. Please, DISMISSED!!!
4. Loreen.

I don’t mind the qualifier from the Duel 1 and 2, but I need Dismissed and Loreen in the final. Dismissed vs Boris René is hard to me, last year he was one of my four favs (alongside Robin, Frans and Oscar Zia), but this song is weaker, so I go with Dismissed. They really surprised me as I wasn’t expecting anything from them, but I was crealy wrong: the gender-neutral dressing adds some flavour to those anthemic lyrics, the performance catches the spec attention since the very first second and the guy’s vocals are on point while Ialso like… Read more »

Dear friends, i have a question from you. I didnot understand a thing from Loreen’s performance. Can someone tell me what was the show about? Who were these women? I am confused, thanks.

Rock Me

Statements just has to get to Eurovision.


Jake! I think that someone that came at third place face someone that came at forth place, but I’m not sure. If Lisa and Loreen both came at third place they don’t compete aganst eachother


Does anyone really know how the duels get decided? I feel it’s done so Christer gets his favorites in the finale. I read he stated he wanted FOO and DVD against each other because they were boy bands and that would be interesting match up but then that reasoning is not consistent for the remaining duels. Based on that then Loreen should face Lisa (two females) and Axel should face Anton (two young guys).

Purple Mask
If allowed, I would like to address a rather disturbing comment that was made on another thread about Melodifestivalen on Wiwibloggs… Katya commented: “Wiwibloggs when are you going to finally ban that miserable troll who spends their life trolling your site? You know whom I’m talking about……” Actually, I don’t know who she was talking about. Since I spend quite a lot of my time reviewing and commenting via this site, it could have been me. But looking at the specific thread in question, there was a choice of about 6 or 7 regular commenters there bouncing opinions of off… Read more »

Well in sweden we say mello! But for me melfest goes just great. Why is it a problem when people say melfest! :O


Please stop calling in Melfest. If you want make it shorter it’s Melo not Melfest.

I love the monkey

Los maricones, !ay! Perdón aquí si hay que ser políticamente correcto, se puede ser moderno pero no autentico


If loreen’s fans could vote for her in the actual contest and not only in online polls like this, that would be great.


I think we are also giving way to much power to teenage girls, overestimating them. Like everybody was sure De Vet Du & FOO would make it to the final right away due to power of their teenage fans. Like some assume Anton would win over Loreen due to that same power.
Well apparently that power wasn’t strong enough since they ended up here. And last year Samir & Viktor ended up last despite apparently having a strong fan-base.
Apparently teenage girls don’t vote..

So don’t assume teenage girls would vote extensively, so far nothing speaks for it


Duel No. 1 – The FO&O. Three cute guys that say ”I’ve already got the ring” must win. They know what a girl wants to hear. That lyric alone can win Eurovision.


Andra Chansen Winners

Duel 1 // FO&O
Duel 2 // Lisa Ajax
Duel 3 // Boris Rene
Duel 4 // Loreen


Does the asterisk next to artist’s name have any significance??


Duel No. 4 – between Anton Hagman and Loreen ”one hit wonder” Talhaoui, well, is hard, looooool, of course Anton.


My bad. My brain cells are getting older than I am! Boris qualified for the final out of last year’s A.C.


@Abel – Neither Italian gorilla or Loreen’s flags are a *gimmick*. A gimmick is there to distract from the song and add something which isn’t needed, but amazes in the performance. For example, burning fake piano or a hamster wheel were gimmicks. Gorilla and flags, on the other hand, while flashy and distracting, tell the story from the song, and therefor harmonize with it rather than adding a novelty to the performance for the sake of novelty in the performance.


Y’all calling duel 4 a slam dunk, but did any of you pay attention to the heart on loreen’s performance? It didn’t get electric until 2/3rds of the way through. Most artists hit that on the first chorus. Then she maintained it through the rest of the song but it is worrying if she can’t mobilise support until that bit.

My choices: 1. FO&O (it’s the hardest duel for me but I think FO&O have more chances to win the duel and eventually do better at Eurovision if they get there) 2. Lisa (better song, good performance and vocals, although Axel is also really good, he could win the duel but I prefer Lisa) 3. Dismissed (better and more original song, I like their performance better, Boris’ song is too generic for me) 4. Loreen (epic song, performance and vocals vs. Shawn Mendes ish song sung by not so good vocalist with a bland performance. Not a hard choice indeed.… Read more »
Ulrik Raben

de Vet Du & Loreen.


Reading this blog I saw many times the word ‘gimmick’…e.g. italian gorilla.
Why Loreen staging is labeled ‘art’? The flags, visuals, her alter egos, dark staging, war references, all are gimmicks as hell. Only because something has light colors and is up-tempo makes it less serious? Let’s dress in dark colors and make people think we are profound, and add a little torment. Actually using ‘suffering’ as a gimmick is the worst.

People saying that Sweden LOVES Loreen, so she will go to final, blah, blah, blah…if that were the case, why didn’t she go direkt till final? Answer: Swedes don’t identify with the song as much as the Loreen fans would like them to, and it’s clear to see why. Being avant-garde and artistic isn’t enough…you’ve to have a GOOD song to back it up. No one’s questioning her singing. It’s the melody that’s lacking. Personally, I could care less if she or Anton make it to the final. Her song is no equal to “Euphoria”, and there are several songs… Read more »

4. Methinks Anton might as well not even bother to show up.

3. Pretty damned close between Boris and Dismissed, but I have a feeling Boris will once again be sent packing.

2. This one’s going to be quite close, and I think Axel will score the upset here.

1. I’m going with De Vet Du. A combination of sound, vocals, props and COMEDY will send another boy-band act packing.

Blaziker from SG
My predictions on the duels (I spent my early morning watching the 4th semi-final… cos I’m watching this from Singapore… RIP Sleep time): Duel 1: Winner – De Vet Du Reason: Definitely the one duel to look out for (and the one most non-Swedish people will be disgusted at). It is between 2 ‘popular’ Swedish groups, but “Road Trip” is a huge guilty pleasure for me. Meanwhile, “Gotta Thing About You” feels meh to me so the obvious winner has to be De Vet Du. (Sorry, but I have a soft spot for novelty songs…) Duel 2: Winner – Lisa… Read more »
Polegend Godgarina

1. The FO&O (not a fan of their song, but better than the other one)
2. Lisa Ajax (my favorite song in this Melfest)
3. Dismissed
4. Anton Hagman

(J)ESC Fanatic

By the way, I have to say I’m very happy The FO&O and De Vet Du were put up against each other. There are clearly better entries than them (especially the latter), but they would have beaten anyone regardless, because of teenagers dominating Melodifestivalen. But now thankfully, we will have only one in the final.


Anton vs. Loreen is not a fair battle. Both deserve to get to the final. At least De Vet Du isn’t going to take away votes from a song that deserves a final spot, though. Boris over Dismissed. Axel over Lisa.

(J)ESC Fanatic

I’m worried Axel may beat Lisa. 🙁


Loreen’s song is flawless very unique and original,I’m so keen on it.
Really stands out of other typical childish songs

Robyn Gallagher

It’s sad that “Road Trip” and “Gotta Thing” are up against each other, as they are the two big Spotify hits of Melfest 2017 so far. As much as I’d like De Vet Du to win, can at least console myself knowing that they’d probably find losing to FO&O really hilarious.

Roelof Meesters

Please, everyone wo can vote, PLEASE VOTE FOR LOREEN!!!!!!! IT IS PURE ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anton can defeat Loreen. Because he is young and cute he seems to be Loreen’s ‘breakfast’, but don’t underestimate the army of teenage girls.
And his song title ‘Kiss You Goodbye’ is destiny.


1) Couldn’t care less, they’re both terrible.
2) Axel all the way, although the odds are against him.
3) Bjorkman really is a monster. How dare he make me choose between my babies?
4) RIP Anton, you tried lad.

Charli Cheer Up

Axel vs. Lisa Ajax could definitely go either way…