Israel: Eurovision 2010 singer Harel Skaat releases “Ahava M’sovevet Hakol”

He was a favourite to win Eurovision 2010, and although he didn’t take the crown back to Israel, “Milim” lives long in our memories. Now, just a few weeks after his judging stint on The Next Star for Eurovision ended, Harel Skaat gives us “Ahava M’sovevet Hakol”, or “Love Turns Everything”.

One thing’s for sure: it’s turning any frowns we might have into nothing but smiles!

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Co-written by Avi Ohayon, veteran composer of Israel Eurovision entries Doron Medalie, and Skaat himself, the song is a natural earworm, but Harel keeps it meaningful too.

At its core, “Ahava M’sovevet Hakol” has a carefree message — to not allow yourself to get bogged down when life hits hard.

It carries more than just a “hakuna matata” philosophy, though, making it clear that no one is alone. All it takes to get through tough times are a few deep breaths, a handful of tears, and of course, love. Most importantly, don’t forget each moment that passes — once behind you, it’s never yours again.

Sonically, “Ahava M’sovevet Hakol” pairs an inspirational melody with dance floor style production. The verses simmer to an intensifying beat and slick chord progression, moving Harel from heartfelt reflection into the pounding chorus.

And when that chorus hits, it’s Euroclub magic. With its heavy synthesizer and a strong bass kick, not to mention Skaat’s effortless high notes. Who wouldn’t dance along? This is feel-good pop at its finest, and if Harel says gates are opening in heaven, he’s got us on cloud nine right alongside them.

Harel Skaat Ahava M’sovevet Hakol (Official Music Video)

Harel Skaat at Eurovision

Harel may not have won Eurovision 2010, but he didn’t leave Norway empty-handed. “Milim” achieved a clean sweep at the Marcel Bezençon Awards, winning the Artistic, Composer, and Press gongs, a feat never since paralleled.

More recently, Harel has been a judge on The Next Star for Eurovision for the last few years. His involvement in Israel’s national selection may have kept him busy for a few months, but now that his judging commitment is through, it’s back to the drawing board. We can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next!

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Harel Skaat Ahava M’sovevet Hakol Lyrics — English Translation

Get up, perhaps from everything,
You’ve stopped falling,
Always remember
You’re not alone (not alone, not alone).
Come, let’s knock hard on the heart
As if nothing hurts. I’m with you,
You’re not alone (not alone, not alone).
No, don’t forget every second that passes.
It will never come back,
Don’t pause for a moment to breathe.

Another breath and we’re almost already there,
This moment is only ours,
Love turns everything.
More gates are opening in the sky
How much good is washed in the eyes.
Love turns everything.

Come on, let’s drown in the madness.
Decorate your body, I’m with you
You’re not alone (not alone, not alone).
Get up, for at the end of a thought,
Everything revolves around love.
Even if it seems so, you’re not alone, (not alone, not alone).

Another breath and we’re almost already there….

Get up, don’t forget every second that passes.
It will never come back,
Don’t pause for a moment to breathe.

Another breath and we’re almost already there….


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