Slavko Kalezic: My Eurovision costume will be very controversial and very strong

On March 10 he released the fleshy and highly artistic music video for his Eurovision 2017 song “Space”.

And the morning after Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezic logged on to Skype to have a chat with wiwibloggs on spirituality, being a vegetarian, his gym-honed body and much, much more.

It takes a brave man to vogue in a pair of leather pants while shirtless and whipping around a hair extension. How was Slavko feeling after sharing his vision with the world?

“Oh my god — I feel so crazy,” he says. “When I released my song, I thought that not everyone would be [giving] compliments. But I see 50-50….it’s OK. I really appreciate that because it motivates me for the main part of the Eurovision project — Eurovision in May. I feel very touched because my art moved everything in all the world.”

And as the world moved plenty of people stopped to ogle over his flatpack stomach and cut arms. He was keen to flash a bit of flesh.

“I’ve been hardworking in the gym all these years and I thought it was very, very beautiful to show my body and show that I am very healthy in every way — in physique and in a mental way.”

For Slavko keeping healthy — and living with his conscience — involves not eating meat.

“I’m a vegetarian,” he says. “I’m on organic food because my lifestyle is something I want to bring on Eurovision. I want to speak about my art in the way of lifestyle — what Slavko has been doing in his life. With the lifestyle of being vegetarian I am sending a message — I really like animals. Through Eurovision I want to stay stop killing animals. The planet is such a beautiful place to live.”

The video, which sees Slavko assuming a number of guises and outfits, has deep meaning. The costume choices — from the billowing dress to the leather trousers on the rocks — all have thought behind them.

“The main symbolic theme in the video is the second verse — show me your super powers, I’m Venus and Mars of the hour,” he explains. “I think that very intelligent people can discover everything that I want to say from my art. In the video I’m Mars — in the part where I shot my images in the studio. But when you see the rocks and everything behind me I’m Venus. That is the skirt and everything.”

“I’m Mars, but I wanted to bring a little bit about Venus because everything I do is about love. The song is important, but I’m a professional actor so I want to bring art and a little bit of theatre into Eurovision.”

His incredibly long hair braid will be a feature of his Eurovision 2017 campaign.

“I will have all my way at Eurovision that extension,” he says. “And that is kind of transforming myself in a role, so when I’m coming in Kyiv and all these pre-parties they will see Slavko in a beautiful role.”

The lyrics — “Don’t worry — I have my suit on — our body language, let’s write a story” — have made many ask if the song is about safe sex.

“I didn’t think about it in that way when we were creating the song, but the song is very symbolic. When you come in the theatre everyone goes out of the theatre with the message he or she took from the show. So I want to be free in the way everybody can understand my song and video in the way he or she wants to understand it. So if they say ‘safe sex’ I say OK, you have to have safe sex.” Let’s do this!

Slavko doesn’t want to give too much away about his on-stage look. But judging from the video — and his comments — he’s not just going to rock the boat, he’s going to set it on fire.

“It will be a very, very controversial costume. It will be very, very strong. I know everyone speaks now about my Eurovision performance and everyone is speaking about it. Of course I will bring a show.”

Space lyrics — Slavko Kalezic (Montenegro Eurovision 2017)

When you’re as fabulous as Slavko, haters are always on the horizon. But he doesn’t care and seems to subscribe to the wise adage that you should worry when they stop talking about you.

“When it is about Slavko Kalezic, it is always 50-50. And I think that is a huge success. I am not in the way, ‘Oh, everybody have to love me. Everybody have to love me.’ No. It’s not about that. Because when you are honest and you have yourself and your self-confidence and a mission, you have to be honest about art.”

For him, the biggest joy comes when “people realise what I am trying to say, realise the love of life I am sending through my videos and my songs. That is the main part of my human being and my heart.”

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