Wiwi Jury: Armenia’s Artsvik with “Fly With Me”

Barev! Yesterday the Wiwi Jury – our in-house panel of music unprofessionals – accepted an invite from Kim Kardashian to join her and the fam (we have connections, y’all) for a tour of the historic Yerevan old town. After splitting a plate of traditional Mantes, we brewed the tea and dished our thoughts on Armenia’s Eurovision 2017 act Artsvik and her entry “Fly With Me”. Did it take us to new heights or crash and burn on take off? Read on to find out! 

Artsvik – “Fly With Me”

About Artsvik

Armenian singer Artsvik Harutyunyan, 32, rose to fame in 2013 as a contestant on Golos, the Russian version of The Voice. In late 2016, Artsvik — whose name means “eagle” — won Depi Evratesil, the country’s biggest-ever national selection for Eurovision. Armenia’s AMPTV then staged an international call for songs and ultimately decided on a number written by Armenians. “Fly With Me” was cowritten by the team behind Armenia’s entries for Eurovision 2014 and 2016 and has a similarly experimental sound.

“Fly With Me” Reviews

William: The video opens by zooming into a hole in Artsvik’s hairpiece that reveals six futuristic dancers standing in smoke. It’s a WTF moment that captures the daring, arty and ultimately beautiful spirit of “Fly With Me”. The song mixes dreamy, traditional, experimental and Oriental sounds, yet remains cohesive owing to Artsvik’s voice and an underlying sense of spirituality. Daring and just a little bizarre, it ignores conventional structure and whizzes by to an abrupt and powerful ending. I’m not sure what just happened, but I like it.

Score: 7/10

Bogdan: Artsvik’s song begins with a whisper and ends with an explosion. Every 25 seconds or so, new instruments are added and the track is infused with new, infectious, irresistible energy which makes it soar like Ravel’s “Bolero”. The red line that binds it all together beautifully is Artsvik’s flawless voice, bringing an Eastern flavour that is missing in other songs this year. This is special, this is unique, this is powerful and this is going to slay on the big stage.

Score: 10/10

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Chris: Following on from the Aram MP3 method of “two minutes of build up before we get anywhere”, Artsvik’s “Fly With Me” isn’t an immediate smash hit. In the world of Eurovision, that can be a real issue with the televote. But the blend of Eastern and Armenian sounds means that there’s at least something interesting going on. If Armenia turn up with an equally matched stage show, then that last minute could seal the deal. Watch this space.

Score: 6.5/10

Deban: “Fly With Me” is an experimental song driven by strong visuals. Artsvik looks great, but although she can sing, I struggle to find versatility in her voice. This is particularly problematic as this entry calls for movement and varied emotive expression. However, the polished music video gives me hope — perhaps, she’ll pull this off live.

Score: 4.5/10

Robyn: Last year Armenia brought the drama. This year they’re promising the drama but never quite deliver. “Fly With Me” sounds like the first half of a song in a musical, something that’s building up to a big chorus. But that doesn’t happen. The end result is a catchy but ultimately unsatisfying song — with little to remember.

Score: 5.5/10

George: I find the beginning of the song rather strange, but as the song progresses, it becomes really likeable. Artsvik is inviting us to fly with her, and I’m really tempted. I have to admit, I really loved “LoveWave” last year so I had really high expectations. And I wasn’t disappointed at all. In general, many parts remind me of Iveta, but I don’t think the perfection of “LoveWave” can ever be reached again.

Score: 6.5/10

Jovana: “Fly with Me” is an interesting mix of R&B and traditional music, aided by Artsvik’s beautiful voice. I can see why people like this song and I think it will do well in Kyiv. However, I feel like there is something missing — perhaps the change in the rhythm should have come earlier in the song. Anyway, I think that a vocalist like Artsvik deserves a better, more powerful song, and this song definitely deserved better lyrics.

Score: 5.5/10

Sami: “Fly With Me” is unique and Artsvik has an interesting voice, but it might not be the best song for the Eurovision Song Contest. The song doesn’t really have any memorable hooks, which means that despite the impressive vocals you could forget the whole act. People who like pop music won’t vote for this, but people who are watching Eurovision to hear traditional music surely will.

Score: 6/10

In the Wiwi Jury we have 38 jurors but only have room for 8 reviews. The remaining 30 scores are below:

Anastas: 9/10

Andy: 5/10

Angus: 3/10

Anthony: 5.5/10

Antony: 5/10

Antranig: 9/10

Bernardo: 7/10

Dayana: 7.5/10

Edd: 5.5/10

Erdi: 8/10

Forrest: 9.5/10

Jacob: 6/10

Jason: 7/10

Jordi: 8/10

Josh: 6/10

Kristin: 5.5 /10

Luis: 6/10

Marek: 5/10

Matt: 9.5/10

Mikhail: 10/10

Natalie: 5.5/10

Padraig: 7/10

Patrick: 7.5/10

Renske: 7.5 /10

Rezo: 8/10

Sinan: 9/10

Stanislav: 8.5/10

Steinunn: 5.5 /10

Tobias: 4/10

Zakaria: 8/10
















The highest and lowest scores are We have removed the highest and lowest scores prior to calculating the average. This is to remove outliers and potential bias. We have removed a low of 3 and a high of 10.

Wiwi Jury verdict: 6.83/10

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