Albania: Lindita rocks clocks and spaceships during first rehearsal


If you’re a fan of Lindita’s music video for “World”, then you’re going to be a huge fan of her staging at Eurovision 2017. During her first rehearsal she took visual elements of her music video and made them bigger and more arresting. The performance opens with her singing before mountains and bathed in dark green light. The clock from her video appears on the LED walls and fills the entire circular stage floor, ticking to the beat. Her armada of spaceships sails past, eventually interweaving with the clocks on the screens. The visuals don’t particularly tell a story — the ships remind us of the ones in the Of Monsters and Men video “Little Talks”. But following the somewhat predictable performance from Tamara, this blast of WTF really stands out. Vocally Lindita was as sound as ever. That, combined with her memorable LED, has elevated her to a potential qualifier in our minds.

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Photo: (EBU)