Finland: Norma John keeps it dreamy and blue during first rehearsal


When you dominate in your national final, it only makes sense to recreate that at Eurovision. That’s certainly the case for Finland’s Norma John. They’ve transplanted their UMK staging and simply added some minor flourishes here in Kyiv. Atmosphere builds once more and Leena was in great form vocally.

Atmosphere is the name of the game when it comes to “Blackbird” and it’s on show once again. A dreamy blue backdrop surrounds the duo as the song starts. As in UMK, flashes of red LED start to creep in to the song — but there’s much more than we saw in Finland. Lasse’s piano in fact lights up from the inside, both red and a blinding white during his piano solo.

After the craziness of Montenegro, this may be exactly what some people need for the show to get “back on track”. All run-throughs of the song were vocally perfect. Whilst some of the early “wow” factor from UMK may be lost on us in the press centre, those watching at home for the first time should be just as enchanted as were in January.

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Photo: (EBU)