Denmark: Anja Nissen unleashes wall of sound and shower of pyro in explosive rehearsal

She’s the winner of The Voice of Australia and has one of the biggest voices of the year. And on Tuesday Denmark’s Anja Nissen sent seismic waves through the International Exhibition Centre as she belted out another pitch-perfect performance of “Where I Am”.

Vocally she was as sound as ever, hitting note after note and run-through after run-through. The woman’s voice does not waver.

If you watched her performance at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, then you’ll know what went down today in Kyiv. Once again she worked an LED that moved between solid red, orange and blue. But this was that on steroids as the stage is bigger and bolder. The screens also featured digital bursts which looked like spiralling pyro. That was just a tease for the shower of pyro that falls when she reaches one of her many climaxes in the song.

Anja wasn’t wearing her stage costume today, but her casual wear suggests that she’ll be abandoning her iconic red dress. She wore billowing trousers and threw herself onto her knees, suggesting that she’ll wear something that will protect her modesty.

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Photo: (EBU)