Belarus: Naviband tell the story of their lives on a hydroplane during first rehearsal


They’re the friendly duo from Belarus known for their happy-clappy vibe and infectious energy. And Naviband brought all those qualities to their first rehearsal on Wednesday, performing atop a white hydroplane with massive fans.

Aiming for something pure and pristine, the duo wore white outfits that fit with their positive spirit. (Ksenia described herself as Snow White and her singing partner Artem as Snow Guy). They sing and play aboard their boat, which has a sense of motion owing to the quickly changing blue backdrop that sees monuments and architectural flourishes speed past. It’s hard to pin those figures down to any particular culture, given their universal quality. But what’s important is that it feels like the pair are flying past on Aladdin’s carpet. Artem was particularly loose on the boat, moving about and at times extending his arms like he was Leonardo Dicapprio in Titanic.

As ever the pair ooze chemistry and were vocally sound. Admittedly this did feel somehow static in the press room, but we haven’t seen the final camera cuts. With a few crops and changes of pace, producers can do much to juice this up.

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Photo: (EBU)